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Retro queer prom concludes Pride Week at MacEwan with queer joy

by | Mar 13, 2023 | Campus | 2 comments

The Retro queer prom took place last Friday, March 10. Everyone was made to feel welcome regardless of whether they wore a ballgown to their ankles, sweats, or a t-shirt.The prom celebrated the unity of individual differences and was an event for those who may not have been able to enjoy their original high school graduation as the person they wanted to be. 

Attendees were handed rainbow corsages upon entrance and were treated too free gifts like pronoun pins, stickers, and, everyone’s favourite: free condoms. Throughout the night, dancers were performing in a variety of different styles on stage. Gemma Nye (@higemmanye) hosted the night and was joined by performers such as Audrina Linn (@_audrinalinn) and Emmonia (@emmonia_yeg), who made the night as magical as they looked.

Lauren, a Norquest student, saw her first drag show at the prom. “They were fearless, knew how to please the crowd. They had super out-of-the-box energy.” Lauren says.

Students from MacEwan, NorQuest, Kings, NAIT, and Concordia all came together in a spectacular fashion show. The show featured full prom dresses, handsome suits, alternative punk, and any other style imaginable.

Students who have never met formed a community on the dance floor as guests danced throughout the night..  “Amazing energy,” says Jordan, a guest at the event. “This is an event that joined communities in one night to celebrate without judgment of our gender, sexuality, or our pronouns. It was a moment for those who may not be able to be out in their everyday lives to be exactly who they wanted to be and to feel safe doing so.” 

The event marks the conclusion of MacEwan’s Pride Week.

Paige Reed

The Griff


  1. Isaiah Morrell

    Really well written, I remember my first Queer Prom. Had a dance battle with some dude but he knew how to breakdance lol didn’t even have a chance.

  2. Isaiah Morrell

    Queer Prom was my replacement for real prom. Thanks to some bully in my class getting me expelled right before graduation. Very nice people from the moment you step in. And straight up I just dance battled with people most of the night. This was in 2019 right before covid started so queer prom was like the last thing I did before we got shoved off to stay at home forever lol.


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