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Review: Edmonton Short Film Festival

by | Oct 26, 2023 | Culture, Review | 0 comments

Nothing screams Edmonton more than the Metro Cinema in Garneau. As a transplant from Red Deer, I didn’t understand its importance. It wasn’t until I attended the Edmonton Short Film Festival’s “Red Gala” Event on Oct. 14 that I had an epiphany.

Executive director for the Edmonton Short Film Festival, Candace Makowichuck, told me that the festival began 12 years ago. The aim of the Edmonton Short Film Festival is to highlight the talents of filmmakers in Alberta, many of whom are active in the province’s film sector. Throughout the night, I saw a range of short films such as a documentary about immigrant experiences in Alberta; a drama about the topic of euthanasia; and a comedy about dating someone who looks Indigenous, but isn’t.  

 “Edmonton has so much potential — so much talent roams around,” says Candace. I couldn’t help but agree.

The audience choice and winner of the $250 prize went to Kenny Heintz and Mark Hoyne for their music video, “CREAM”. The short consisted of a lactose-induced fever dream where rapper Buck Nasty goes on Ellen to proclaim his love of milk and dairy. It’s as weird as it sounds.

“Edmonton has so much potential — so much talent roams around.”

Candace Makowichuck, executive director of Edmonton Short Film Festival

I feel proud knowing there are so many amazing filmmakers in Alberta. The province is known for its location in famous film productions such as Brokeback Mountain, the Revenant, and Interstellar. However, these are Hollywood-based productions that simply showcase the beauty of our province while placing the film’s setting elsewhere. Some filmmakers even film on our streets and use CGI to cover up (I’m looking at you, Craig Mazin).

Inspiring filmmakers from Alberta might want to uproot their lives and move to Vancouver, Toronto, or America to showcase their talents. Still, I implore you to consider staying in Edmonton. If you do, I promise that you can build something beautiful here. If the Edmonton Short Film Festival is evidence, we have people here who recognize the potential.

Photo by Raynesh Ram

Raynesh Ram

The Griff


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