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Whenever the word vacation comes up, images of great adventures or relaxing on a beach are likely to be at the forefront of our thoughts. However, this is not the case for everyone. In fact, have you ever returned from vacation and realized you were so tired you needed a vacation from your vacation? Many will admit to having been in this exact situation.

For some, the post-vacation blues come as a mix of the financial burden of vacation spending and the realization that all you wanted to get away from is still there when you return; after all, you can’t run from all your problems. For students, this is even more common, not to mention that for many, the option of taking a vacation in the first place is quite literally nonexistent.

Why should anyone feel they need to stress themselves out chasing an idea meant to help de-stress? They shouldn’t! That’s why a staycation might be the perfect resolution to the vacation conundrum. After all, who doesn’t need a few days at home to unwind and relax?

According to a 2015 Edmonton Sun article, 7 million people visit Edmonton each year, and a Global News article suggests that tourism went up 3.5 per cent in 2016; this should be a strong indication that there is plenty to do right here. With all that Edmonton has to offer, there’s no shortage of entertainment to keep anyone busy through a staycation.

Not only will it be far less expensive to just stay put right here in Edmonton, it also gives you a multitude of options with all the money saved by not purchasing airline tickets, and at the end of it all, you won’t have the stress of planning and preparing for a big trip. For example, in a week off, someone might want to try a coffee shop or restaurant they haven’t had the time for, or stay in and watch a marathon of their favourite show. If the outdoors is more your cup of tea, is an excellent source for free winter events and sports throughout Edmonton. Another great site when looking for things to do is, which covers a lot more than just events and can help you plan your day.

If a more quiet and restful staycation is what your heart desires, then load up on your favourite snacks, foods, and drinks. If spas are more your style, stop at a local shop and pick up some bath salts, face masks, or other spa-related items, then head home. With everything you need at hand, you can now hibernate for a few days or a week as you rest and recharge away from the craziness of your regular life. Make your home your resort and your own space — your paradise. Invest in your- self and relax, doing whatever brings you joy no matter what that might be.

A slightly pricier option is to stay in one of Edmonton’s many beautiful hotels, allowing for the same rest and relaxation, all while having someone else to clean up. If being alone isn’t preferred, then do a staycation with a set of friends that have similar interests, even if those interests are to try out a new online game, for a week, with no interruptions. The sky is the limit where staycations are concerned.

The ideal vacation is not the same for everyone, and as such, no one should feel obligated to put themselves out financially just for the sake of a trip. At the same time, everyone needs an escape and a break from time to time. The vital thing to always keep in mind is that as long as you spend your time off in a way that is both beneficial to you and brings you great joy, the rest is all just a matter of preference. 

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