Staying organized for the winter term

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As the winter term rolls in, MacEwan University’s students return to the routine of busy school days. As the workload piles on, students can begin to feel the pressure to keep up. 

By staying organized, you’ll be able to have a productive term and reduce the risk of procrastination and burnout. Here’s a list of strategies to motivate you and help you stay on top of your work during this term.

  1. Use a day planner

A day planner might seem like a waste of money, but using one is a great way to organize your time. By dedicating specific times of day to certain activities, your day will be much more productive. 

  1. Write down deadlines on a calendar

Calendars are great for reminding you of deadlines. Write down important dates including quizzes, assignment deadlines, projects, and exams. Preemptively listing all your deadlines will save you the annoyance of going back to course outlines to see what’s due.

  1. Less is more 

While it’s tempting to read chapters in advance or finish assignments before they’re due, this tactic might backfire. Cramming chapters can result in a low long-term comprehension rate. There’s also the chance that a professor might change an assignment which means wasted work. Doing schoolwork in small increments helps you retain information and reduces the risk of becoming frustrated with schoolwork. 

  1. Reward hard work 

Becoming tired and unfocused is inevitable. It’s important to give yourself breaks to avoid burnout. After studying for thirty minutes, allow yourself a 10-minute break. Alternatively, after a solid hour-long studying session, reward yourself with an episode of your favourite show or by taking a nap.

  1. Prioritize some assignments over others

Having multiple assignments due at the same time can be stressful and confusing. It can be difficult to determine which assignments need to get done first and which ones can be put on the back burner. Assignments that are time sensitive should have precedence over assignments that can be completed at a later date. 

  1. Write organized and tidy notes 

Looking over notes can become time-consuming if your notes look alike. Use highlighters or a word processor’s highlighting tool to highlight terms or concepts that need to stick out. Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of colour pens in differentiating sections of your notes, either. Whenever you write notes, log the date and class’s subject matter so that you can review your notes with ease. 

Hopefully with some of these strategies, you’ll be able to coordinate your schoolwork without fear of procrastination or stress. While it’s important to keep up with studies, remember to prioritize your mental health and your well-being.

Joelle Fagan

The Griff


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