How-toMya Colwell

How to stop procrastinating

As a student, you pick up plenty of new skills, for example, getting from Allard Hall to Building 6 in 10 minutes, an absolute mastery of Ctrl-F, and how to re-tell the most interesting fact about yourself in all of your class introductions. Unfortunately, a less...

How-toEva Driessen

How to: Meal prep for students

Chances are that when you hear the phrase “meal prep,” you don’t get overly excited. I was in the same boat not too long ago. I recently started meal prepping a few times a month, and I am here to tell you that meal prep is actually exciting and has many benefits...

How-toMya Colwell

How To: Make Candles

February is the perfect opportunity to dust off your creative skills and get candling. There are very few rules (despite what the fancy candle sites want you to think), and you can make whatever your sweet, little candling heart desires, from Lumière to candle...

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