How to: DIY Halloween costumes

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So it’s finally October, a time to dress in cozy sweaters, take pictures with tiny pumpkins for your Instagram, and of course get your favourite skinny pumpkin
spiced latte (PSL) from your local Starbucks. Let’s not forget October’s most treasured holiday, Halloween. Halloween goes hand in hand with dressing up for costume parties and going out. Although planning the perfect costume is something you’ve maybe been thinking about year-round, some university students may be left scrummaging for last-minute costume ideas, or are left looking for an idea that won’t dip into a student loan payout. Well, you’ve
come to the right place — here are some quick and easy DIY costume ideas that won’t break the bank.

Students should steer away from popular Halloween stores such as Party City, where costumes can range from anywhere between 50 to 100 dollars. Try online shopping on sites such as Amazon. Not only will your order be delivered within a day or two with Amazon Prime, but purchasing small pieces will help you put together a creative costume cost efficiently. Some easy costumes I found on Amazon are:

This is one of the easiest costume ideas that you can find. To do this, you need to simply purchase a pumpkin sweater which can be priced between $15 to $30. This is easy if you have been procrastinating or if you just need something quick. You can pair it with a pumpkin headband, which costs $12, and you are good to go. And don’t forget to pick up a PSL on your way to complete the look.

Although this costume seems to go in and out of style, it is one of the easiest costumes to put together. The classic Purge mask can be found on Amazon for about $15. You can cut up a t-shirt or dress and you are good to go. You can also purchase fake weapons such as an axe on Amazon for the same price.

The “white lie party” has become a popular TikTok trend, and all it requires is a plain white shirt and a Sharpie. You can simply write a “white lie” on your shirt and there you go, a costume that will definitely get some attention. Some white lies you can use are: “I’m on my way,” “I’m not going out tonight,” or “I didn’t see your text.”

Popular for her creepy and mischievous character on The Addams Family, this costume idea is fun and easy. All you’ll need to do for this is to put your hair in two tight pigtail braids and buy a white collared black dress. This can be found on Amazon for $30. Throw on some black tights, some very light foundation, dark nude lipstick, and brown eyeshadow and you have become the very recognizable, eerie Wednesday Addams.

Joe Exotic quickly became an iconic character through his appearance on Tiger King. His humorous, flamboyant personality grabbed the attention of the media and can truly be made into a great Halloween costume.

All you’ll need is a plaid shirt, some fake earrings, a curly blond mullet wig (essential) and a puka shell necklace, which you might already have from merely existing in the early 2000s. If you don’t have one, no need to worry — you can get an entire Joe Exotic set on Amazon for about $20.

Halloween can be stressful, but when it comes to costumes, remember to keep it simple. Even a graphic t-shirt or some fake blood can go a long way. All of these costumes cost about $30 and can be found on Amazon.

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