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To start, what is your name and position with the Film Club student group?

Amanda Dubrule: My name is Amanda Dubrule, and I am the president of the film club.

Are you the original founder, and how long has this student group been around?

AD: We started it last year, and I co-founded it with Nick Mitchell.

What made you want to start this group?

AD: Well a couple of years ago Alain Beauclair and Josh Toth did a showing of Robocop, and they were talking about having a film minor, and I thought, well, even if we didn’t have that it would be really cool if we could have a group where students and faculty could get together and talk about film and its different aspects while analyzing it critically and technically.

What does the film club do overall?

AD: Overall, we try to bring students and faculty together so that they can critically engage with film. Generally speaking, we hold screenings and talks.

How will the current health measures affect how the group meets and how it’s run?

AD: We are still figuring that out right now. We are kind of looking towards doing virtual screenings and talks as well as possibly starting up a student-led podcast.

Are there any new events that you will be holding this year that are different from years past?

AD: Just in a different form. I don’t think it will be radically new, just figuring out the different platforms to hold the screening and talks that we did last year so that we can still come together as a community.

What is your favourite thing about being involved in a student group?

AD: I really love talking to all the different people and getting all the different perspectives of old films I’ve seen or hearing about new films, broadening my horizons and other people’s horizons and just creating this community that I have found at MacEwan University and it’s just really great.

Is there anything that you would like potential student members to know?

AD: Of course! If anyone is interested, they don’t have to know anything about the film. Honestly, I didn’t when I started, I just thought it would be interesting, and now I have grown and learned so much through being involved with it. It’s just a really great way to meet new people and have some fun. We are also on Facebook, and anyone interested can shoot us an email if they have any questions.

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