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STUDENT GROUP Q + A: Marketing Club

by | Jan 15, 2020 | Club Q+A | 0 comments

Okay, so, first of all, what are your guys’ names? And what are your positions in this student group?

Ben Windsor: I’m Ben. I’m the president of the club. 
Aly Pineda: I’m Aly. I’m the vice-president of the club.

Did you guys start this group, or did a group of students in this or a recent year of study? Or has it been around for a while?

AP: Oh, it’s been a while.
BW: We actually don’t even know what year it started, because it’s been a long time.

What made you two want to join?

AP: Last year’s executive team was promoting that the club will be giving opportunities to develop helpful marketing skills and that really drew me in. 
BW: Mine was just to meet new people! I was a political science major when I first started in the Marketing Club so I just wanted to meet new people around MacEwan University and the Marketing Club was one of the biggest clubs around the time. So really, just meeting other university people, nothing professional.

Would this club be a good extracurricular option for students who are not in school for marketing?

AP: The club is open to everybody. We’re not exclusive to just marketing students. Even for people who don’t have any marketing experience, we’re open to them too.
BW: We have a communications major on our email marketing, we have economics majors doing web design, we have people in computer sciences also running their own ad campaigns, so we have (someone from) pretty much from every single major … so it’s not just marketing.

When do you guys meet?

BW: About once a week, we have kind of business-specific meetings, so examples would be we have a social media marketing meeting, and an email marketing meeting, we had a digital marketing meeting, and then we also have fun events, surprisingly. We did a photo walk, we’re going to some coffee shops, and just some other little fun stuff.

Finally, overall, what do you want students to know about the Marketing Club?

BW: I would say, definitely, we’re the number one club to join to get that understanding of business and marketing, especially for students, even personal branding just for yourself into the job market. All the skills we have you can apply to literally every single sector of the school, in MacEwan in general. Even LinkedIn tips, things like that that can be applicable to all students. And we also are the only club that gives practical, hands-on marketing skills for people with zero experience. So every position in the club, we focus on giving to people who have never done it before, so people run their own actual email campaigns, by themselves, on their own for their first time, or they develop their own webpage by themselves for their first time. Whatever type of marketing we’re doing, it’s really focused and aimed towards students with zero experience and (who) are kind of curious to get a little background on the business world, whatever their major is.

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