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Student Travels: Get rid of those winter blues

by | Jan 20, 2020 | Lifestyle | 0 comments

As students desperately await warmer weather and new adventures, it is natural for the winter blues to set in, but who says one can’t have fun in the winter? Perhaps the cold weather is the perfect excuse to run away for the adventure of a lifetime, and if you are between the ages of 18 and 35, Contiki might be just the site for you.

Contiki is a travel site that claims to take away the hassle of trip planning. They book for single travellers, couples, and even groups, setting up travel and accommodations along with local guides that can help take travellers through cultural experiences in any of the many destinations they offer. In fact, the site has over 350 global trips with flexible itineraries at an often discounted price that makes it easier for young adults to travel at low- er costs.

Along with the already lower prices and flexible trips, Contiki goes a step further, making it easier for travellers to say yes to their dream vacations. Only a $200 deposit is needed at the time of booking and the remainder is due 45 days before travel. To add to that great news, Contiki also doesn’t charge for a date or even trip change. With all this amazing information how could one say no?

So where can someone go and for how much? These are just a couple of examples of what one might find if they were to travel between Feb. 15 and 22, which just happens to be MacEwan University’s reading week. One can spend eight days island hopping in Thailand for $880 or four days exploring New York City for $772. Here is where caution must be applied: the trips provided do not include the flights to and from the destination where the itinerary begins. Due to this important factor, the traveller must use discretion to decide whether or not the savings really are beneficial.

In the case of Thailand — where an island-hop- ping trip like this can be more expensive — this is most likely the safest bet, assuming reasonably priced flights can be found. However, the New York City trip isn’t such a great saving. Flights to New York city for those same dates are available under $600 which will be needed no matter what since they aren’t already included. However, accommodations can be found for less than $400 and therefore even with the extra items offered through Contiki, it doesn’t seem like someone would actually stand to save much and they would be locked into an itinerary.

This is very much like anything in life where a little research needs to be done to confirm if the very best savings are at hand. Nonetheless, Contiki is well worth a look, and a quick Google search will show reviews from numerous satisfied clients. Furthermore, Contiki has an area for customer reviews by region, allowing potential travellers to view what others thought about their trips and hopefully make it easier to decide which adventures to consider.

As far as travel options are concerned, this site is definitely worth looking at and following because whether you have dreams of laying on a beach, tasting the flavours of the Middle East, or immersing yourself in the beautiful cultures of Latin America, any possible option should be carefully reviewed. It is also an amazing opportunity to meet new people around the world and make new friends you never thought you would have the chance to encounter before.

According to a study titled “If money doesn’t make you happy, then you probably aren’t spending it right” that was published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, people are actually happier when they spend money on experiences instead of things. This isn’t the first time research like this has been done. More and more research is showing that our happiness isn’t linked to what we have, but to the memories we make. With information like this, it begs the question: When we lay on our deathbed, what will we cherish? Will it be the material things that we can not take with us, or will it be the memories, experiences, and people that have made us who we are? If you are a traveller at heart, experiences might be the easy answer.

Claudia Steele

The Griff


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