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Alberta’s fiscal plan 2020-23

On Feb. 27, the United Conservative Party (UCP) released its second budget. This budget cuts operating funds to universities by 6.3 per cent, from $5.47 million to $5.13 million, which can be found on page 130 and 212 of the

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In fiscal pain

On Oct. 24, the newly elected United Conservative Party (UCP) released its first budget, which cuts funding for universities in a number of ways. The Fiscal Plan 2019-23, which is available on the Government of Alberta website, contains a five

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How-to: Do Valentine’s Day on a budget

Worried that you won’t have the funds to give your partner a Valentine’s Day to remember? Well worry no more! Diamonds and a five-star meal are not a necessity for a meaningful Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is about love and

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How-to: Save money

Alright, so you want to save some of that hard-earned cash, and you’re wondering how to go about it. You’re also hoping to do it in a way that still allows you to enjoy university life. Don’t you worry, because

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What do your student fees pay for?

Approximately $13 per credit of student fees go toward funding the Students’ Association of MacEwan University (SAMU). While the students’ association brings in some revenue from investments, events, advertising, and other ventures, student fees covered $3.35 million, or 86 per

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