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Author: Tom Cline


The UCP leadership race: what happened?

On Oct. 6, 2022, it was announced that Danielle Smith would be the premier-designate for Alberta. She won by 53.8 per cent on the sixth ballot, while Travis Toews received 46.2 per cent of the vote and Brian Jean was

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Opinion: Vaccine passports and anti-vaxxers

On Sept. 15, Jason Kenney and the United Conservative Party government declared a state of public health emergency due to the significant increase in COVID cases, COVID-related deaths, and the exhaustion of the Alberta health care system. Along with declaring

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Alberta’s fiscal plan 2020-23

On Feb. 27, the United Conservative Party (UCP) released its second budget. This budget cuts operating funds to universities by 6.3 per cent, from $5.47 million to $5.13 million, which can be found on page 130 and 212 of the

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In fiscal pain

On Oct. 24, the newly elected United Conservative Party (UCP) released its first budget, which cuts funding for universities in a number of ways. The Fiscal Plan 2019-23, which is available on the Government of Alberta website, contains a five

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Three months of insanity

Once upon a time, on the pretty messed up app known as Grindr, I met someone. He was completely okay that I am female to male transgender, and we had common interests in Star Wars, Marvel, a queer Australian dramedy

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The Alberta Paranormal Investigators Society

A lot of us love to watch ghost hunting shows such as Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural or Ghost Adventures. However, in all seriousness, how many of us are aware that the Alberta Paranormal Investigators Society investigates paranormal activity in our neighborhoods?

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