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The Alberta Paranormal Investigators Society

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A lot of us love to watch ghost hunting shows such as Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural or Ghost Adventures. However, in all seriousness, how many of us are aware that the Alberta Paranormal Investigators Society investigates paranormal activity in our neighborhoods? After getting in contact with them, they delightedly answered some questions. No, they were not asked if ghosts are real or if they believe that ghosts are real.

The Alberta Paranormal Investigators Society is a not-for-profit organisation. They are best known for their investigations of the CKUA Radio Network building in 2009 and 2012. According to the Edmonton Journal, there have been recordings of a little girl singing “go back, all the way back” by the Alberta Paranormal Investigators Society. It is also believed to be haunted by a spirit named Sam, a 1950s caretaker who was lobotomized after threatening to kill the premier at the time. Sam is known for liking late-night cigars and the sound of machinery, and is known to be seen outside of the main control room. 

During our interview over the phone, Beth MacFarlane, lead investigator in the Alberta Paranormal Investigators Society, mentioned that they use equipment such as night-vision cameras, as energy is easier to see with night-vision instead of regular vision. They use electromagnetic field (EMF) meters (specifically the K-II metre), which measure electromagnetic energy according to the lovetoknow website. They also use thermometers to measure any changes in temperature at the location they are investigating. Additionally, they use recording equipment that picks up abnormal noises, such as the little girl singing “go back, all the way back” at the CKUA building. No, there was no mention of the use of a spirit box, as used on Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural. MacFarlane commented on the use of phone apps to detect ghosts or other supernatural entities, saying that phone apps do not have the capability to investigate paranormal activity and that we should not trust them. However, MacFarlane enjoys using the K-II meter and night-vision cameras during investigations.

During these investigations, MacFarlane says that her favourite part is finding out the history of the location and the back stories behind the paranormal activity that might not be well known. She mentioned how her favourite part of investigating the CKUA building was learning about Sam and how he died, as she is a history buff. The Alberta Paranormal Investigators Society is still investigating paranormal activity, and as MacFarlane mentioned, they will soon be investigating a studio and a private house, as people reach out to them through email and their Facebook page.


  1. I believe in the paranormal and it does freak me out but I am always so curious! I believe in dark and bad energies and entities! I have only ever had but a couple of mild experiences and I believe and feel like something dark lives in my sons home! As well I believe that if it is true what I think it may have affected my son as well! I still would like to have a medium or paranormal group possibly check out this house for me in the near future!

  2. I have had a few experiences myself. Some are mild some a bit short from crazy… lets talk.
    I would like to join a group if possible


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