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Toxic relationships

How to spot red flags in relationships The Gabby Petito case has been spreading awareness for domestic violence on social media after she was reported missing on Sept. 11. Her case has been closely followed across the world, as the FBI searches for her fiancé Brian...

How-toOtherEva Driessen

How-to: buy a used car

At some point, almost everyone will find themselves needing to buy a car; perhaps an old hand-me-down car has finally bit the dust, a move has made it impossible to go anywhere without one, or you simply feel that the time is ripe to take this next big step. Many...

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The Grief: Funny news. LOL.

the grief: Anti-bike candidate for mayor promises “car lanes” if elected Ford Driver, a mayoral candidate in the upcoming Edmonton municipal election, says that if he’s elected, the city’s roads will get new special lanes built just for cars. “Bicycles have been...

EventsOtherJackson Spring

Hitting Close to Home

Tucked into a quiet industrial park in the south-east corner of Edmonton, there is one dingy warehouse that does not house industrial goods as it was likely originally intended to. Rather, most of the space is taken up by a full-sized wrestling ring — stuffed into...

Othergriff staff

An apology from the griff

  On Mar. 3, 2017, the griff posted an inappropriate article roasting the campaign posters of the 2017 Executive Committee candidates. The roaster is an annual event that is done in fun, but was taken to an unacceptable extreme this semester. Some of the...

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