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Author: Kianni Reynolds-Lewis



To me, snickerdoodles are an essential Christmas cookie. No, they’re all together the absolute essential cookie. Sure, there’s gingerbread — which is definitely delicious — but with the mix of cinnamon and sugar that snickerdoodles have, they practically taste like Christmas.

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Halloween guide

‘Tis the season to get your spooky groove on with many of Edmonton’s fun-filled nights of Halloween. So, whether you’re looking for a bone-chilling night that’ll make the Sanderson Sisters proud or you prefer evenings that aren’t so hair-raising, I’ve

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Movie review: Kidnapping Stella

While perusing the out-dated list of horrors and thrillers on Netflix, I came across an original production by the streaming service. I’ve recently gotten into foreign action movies and thrillers and thought I was in for a treat.  Initially released

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How-to: Do Valentine’s Day on a budget

Worried that you won’t have the funds to give your partner a Valentine’s Day to remember? Well worry no more! Diamonds and a five-star meal are not a necessity for a meaningful Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is about love and

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Holiday guide for 2018

We all know that around November and December the weather starts to get colder, especially here in Edmonton where winter lasts roughly seven months of the year. And during those dreaded winter months, it can be difficult to find dates

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How-to: Stick to your New Year’s resolution

It’s time to get real about New Year’s resolutions: they’re an absolute pain! And if you want to overcome that and be successful, you’ll need a fuel source far more powerful than willpower or discipline alone. Self-improvement, or at least

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MayDay Dogs Restaurant Review

Who would’ve thought you could take a simple hot dog and turn it into a restaurant? But MayDay Dogs has done just that and it’s one of the most unique ideas to come into the Edmonton food scene. I decided

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