Study spotEmily Campbell

Café Culture

SQUARE 1 CAFÉ Approaching the Aspen Gardens location of Square 1 Coffee, at 15 Fairway Dr. NW, one’s expectations might not amount to much — on the outside, the building which houses the café is not terribly big and seems rather square. The cozy patio, lit...

Study spotEmily Campbell

Café Culture

BARKING BUFFALO CAFÉ Anyone familiar with 124 Street knows that there is no shortage of places to find delicious coffee, but there’s only one Barking Buffalo Café. The small coffee shop can be found at 10842 124 St., situated inside Salgado Fenwick, a shop...

Study spotIshita Verma

Café Culture

CHOCORRANT PÂTISSERIE AND CAFÉ Situated at 10328 124 St. — in the middle of the same block of 124 St. as Prairie Noodle Shop, Remedy Café, and Urbano Pizza Co. — Chocorrant finds itself keeping very good culinary company, but this little pâtisserie and café is also...

CultureStudy spotJackson Spring

Café Culture

JUNIPER CAFÉ & BISTRO Situated in the middle of the otherwise almost entirely residential neigh-bourhood of Strathearn Heights (specifically on the corner of 87 Street and 95 Avenue), Juniper Café and Bistro has not gained much widespread notoriety. For those...

Date nightEmily Campbell

Date night: DOSC

Edmonton has so much to offer in the way of restaurants, cafés, and interesting spaces that it can be hard to imagine getting stuck in a rut, but sometimes we do. Especially when it comes to going out. Recently my partner and I realized that we had fallen into the...

Study spotNikita Case

Study spot: District Moto

This spin-off Italian café and motor shop has history with Edmonton since 1927 and it’s right across 107th street. District Moto opened this past July and is both a café and Vespa dealer. Walking in, you’re greeted with a 1950s and ‘60s vibe, with shiny, new Vespas...

Study spotSydney Upright

Study Spot: The Nook Cafe

In summer of 2017 a new café opened up in what used to be the old Edmonton City Market building, and is now home to a cozy spot for coffee and community. The Nook Cafe sits across from Canada Place and borders Chinatown, a corner on 101 and 97 Street. This part of...

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