Study spotLydia Fleming

Study spot: Block 1912

Block 1912 is a locally owned café that sits in the heart of historic Whyte Ave. Jorel Pipen, one of the café’s co-owners, purchased the space with his family in 2006. “We bought it from relatives of ours … and they opened it in 1992. So technically we say it’s...

FoodLydia Fleming

Study spot: Remedy Café

When Sohail Zaidi — Zee for short — bought Remedy Café in 2000, the shop that once sold tuna sandwiches and powdered drinks was transformed into a space filled with deep flavours, fresh ingredients, and a welcoming atmosphere. Zee had not planned to work with food....

FoodHamdi Issawi

Study spot: Coffee Bureau

On April 7, 1952, a full-page ad in Life magazine changed the way people think about their workdays. The ad featured photos of men and women taking a few minutes out of their day to enjoy a hot cup of coffee. “Coffee always gives you a break!” the tagline read....

FoodLydia Fleming

Study spot: Credo Coffee

If you’re looking for quality and freshness, look no further than Credo Coffee. Just a short walk from MacEwan, Credo offers a great selection of coffee, tea, and baked goods. Credo puts a particular focus on creating flavours that are fresh and well thought out....

LifestyleLydia Fleming

Study spot: Dirtbag Café

Dirtbag Café is no ordinary coffee shop. Along with traditional café items like coffee and cookies, it offers a selection of beers from a number of craft breweries, as well as ciders, wines, and a unique food menu.  The café is located one block north of MacEwan’s...

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