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Study spot: Credo Coffee

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If you’re looking for quality and freshness, look no further than Credo Coffee. Just a short walk from MacEwan, Credo offers a great selection of coffee, tea, and baked goods.

Credo puts a particular focus on creating flavours that are fresh and well thought out. All the coffee beans are roasted once a week and used within that time, and every cup of coffee served is done so with consideration.

“We take great care in how we produce our coffees, and try to bring out the best in the beans that we can. All our people are trained to pay attention to the details of making that cup,” says Geoff Linden, owner of Credo Coffee.

Each cup of coffee is made to order, where the beans are ground and the coffee poured fresh, so no cup is ever left to sit around. The teas are also prepared individually, where loose leaves are steeped for each cup. In using this method, Credo assures customers that the drink they receive has been personally crafted just for them.

Coffee and tea aren’t the only items that are served fresh. Every baked good is made daily. If you arrive early enough, you can receive a warm muffin straight from the oven, Linden says.

If you’re looking for a sweet treat but aren’t in the mood for something baked, Credo also has a partnership with Jacek Chocolate. There’s nothing like an artisanal chocolate snack and a delicious cup of coffee to get you through a difficult assignment.

Many of Jacek’s chocolates are available to buy in store. The partnership has been going on for seven years, Linden says, and with it come a number of great activities and recipes. At the 124th Street location, they hold coffee and chocolate tastings, and at both locations you can try the chocolate bars and scones that they collaboratively created recipes for.

Credo offers a limited variety of items for those with food allergies, but Linden explains that this is because their focus is on having made-to-order items with high-quality ingredients.

“We focus more on doing things fresh, doing things from scratch. We’re part of a community of a number of restaurants as well, so there’s a lot of options on the street. So we focus on what we do well, and others can focus on what they do well,” says Linden.

Credo can become quite busy in the mornings, so morning studiers should arrive as early as possible. Around 3 or 4 p.m., however, you will find a quieter and more spacious place to work.

Students are encouraged to stay as long as they’d like, says Linden. If you have a table, it’s yours until you’re done with it. Credo also offers free Wi-Fi; just ask for the password when you order your coffee.

Although Credo may not seem radically different from other coffee shops, the friendly environment and high-quality goods set it apart.

“We just have a lot of attention to detail. We try to create an atmosphere that’s welcoming. We have staff that have been with us for years, so people get to know each other. There’s a really good solid community feel here, so people feel at home when they come in,” Linden says.

If you’re looking to enjoy a fresh and satisfying menu while you study, Credo is a great place to spend an afternoon finishing up an assignment.

The chocolate-cheddar scones at Credo Coffee are flaky and delicious, and give you a taste of Jacek’s amazing chocolate. Scones aren’t the easiest thing to bake yourself, so when you’re looking for your next study treat, go for something you’re unlikely to find in your own kitchen.

If you’re feeling like something fancier than your usual cup of coffee, the lattes at Credo are a fantastic blend of sharp espresso and creamy steamed milk. You can substitute the milk for dairy alternatives, and a variety of syrups are available to sweeten your day.

Photography by Matthew Jacula.

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