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Feminism’s road to becoming mainstream

Whether they happen in the comments section of a Facebook post or in a heated classroom discussion, debates about equality (and specifically feminism) seem to be becoming more commonplace. Feminism is conventionally understood as a social justice movement that works

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Remembering Misha

“To this moment, I still remember his first arrival to Canada,” Misha Bazelevskyy’s brother, Andriy, said of his move from Ukraine. “He came out of the car and just stretched his hands and he said, ‘Yeah! Finally!’” Mykhaylo (Misha) Bazelevskyy

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MacEwan student Misha Bazelevskyy missing in France

The MacEwan University student missing in Nice, France after a person driving a truck killed 84 people has been identified. Twenty-two-year-old Mykhaylo “Misha” Bazelevskyy has been missing since the attack, and his whereabouts are currently unknown. He was one of five (along with a

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