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Club Q+A

Club Q+A: Idea and Social Club

What is the Idea and Social Club and what do you do? Keith Sabine: We’re a club that wants to bring people from all different disciplines together to talk about ideas and be social. Every couple of weeks we have

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Date night

Date night: Dark Matters

March has arrived, and so has the promise of warmer and brighter days and slowly rising temperatures. Although here in Edmonton it may look like another month of winter, there are ways to turn up the heat on your outings

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Climbing down the ivory tower

Science has long been called an “ivory tower,” a discipline that you either have the knack for or don’t. With myriad concepts and terminology coming with the territory, the world of science can seem intimidating. But with technology rapidly changing

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Being more than who you used to be

On Oct.1, Colonel Chris Hadfield, a celebrated Canadian astronaut, musician, test pilot, and national treasure, spoke about the importance of pushing the boundaries of “impossible” at the Jubilee Auditorium.   A generation ago, setting foot on the moon was considered

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