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Day: April 5, 2017


Paying for experience

Whether the thought of interning in your field of study is nerve-wracking or exciting, field placement is a requirement for several diploma and degree programs at MacEwan University. Forms of work experience vary between faculties, but regardless of what they’re

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Closed passage

As part of the construction process for the new Students’ Association of MacEwan University (SAMU) building at MacEwan University’s City Centre Campus, certain areas of the school will be temporarily shut down in the coming months. Among the areas that

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Taking the bulls by 
the horns

Whether it’s a birthday party for a sibling or a conference for hundreds of students, the time and energy that goes into organizing events and initiatives can be nearly endless. For activist and community organizer Nakita Valerio, however, it’s almost

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Active participation

Two years ago, Amorena Bartlett sat outside of Griffins Landing for a meet-and-greet with students’ council candidates. The fall election was a week away, and she had stopped by to get a sense of her options. That afternoon, she walked

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Reign of the queens

On Tuesday, March 14, MacEwan University hosted the first drag show on campus during their inaugural Pride Week. The show took place just outside of Towers in the cafeteria. The queens who performed raised money for LGBTQ advocate organizations, including

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2016-17 cover roaster

October: Current State of Horror   The way he’s holding this kind of reminds me of King Arthur pulling the sword out of the stone. And the stone is the house. The house kind of reminds me of Monster House.

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the grief (it’s like the griff, but FAKE NEWS)

Americans deem Trump an ‘okay dude’ Written by The Other Anna Illustration by Alley MacLean US President Donald Trump’s acceptance ratings have soared since his inauguration in January. In a recent survey from the False News Organization (FNO), over 75,000

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On thin ice

On July 13, 2015, the area in downtown Edmonton surrounding Rogers Place was officially named the “Ice District.” Now the development has claimed the city core with its promise to become the largest mixed entertainment and sports development in Canada.

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