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Day: November 3, 2019



To me, snickerdoodles are an essential Christmas cookie. No, they’re all together the absolute essential cookie. Sure, there’s gingerbread — which is definitely delicious — but with the mix of cinnamon and sugar that snickerdoodles have, they practically taste like Christmas.

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Café Culture

CRUM COFFEE BAR Nestled in a corner unit of the Huntington Galleria at 4640 Calgary Trail NW, CRUM Coffee Bar is worth the drive for anyone on the north side, and might just become the local favourite for anyone on the south

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Creative Spotlight

Local Edmonton singer, Jess Stokes, felt a connection with music from an early age. She began singing first and progressed to playing the guitar and piano in high school. Stokes sings a variety of genres depending on the event but majored

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