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Day: October 15, 2020


Final thoughts: make yourself at home

The dust has settled on our diseased world. Things are not normal, of course, but the delirium of the early months of the pandemic has been almost completely replaced by an ambient uneasiness towards a danger that is still very

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Arts in a pandemic

The arts community has been one of the worst-hit during this current upheaval. As everything began to shut down, arts venues and artists alike quickly realized that things might not be the same again for a very long time. However,

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Scholarships, awards, and bursaries

University is undoubtedly an expensive endeavour, but an increasingly necessary one. A 2018 Macleans article stated that the average yearly cost of post-secondary education in Canada was $19,498.75. This, of course, included everything from tuition to transportation. Now with the

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Recipe: natas du céu (Heaven’s cream)

Portugal has always been known for its desserts, among many things. In a country surrounded by ocean on three sides, hot summers and beach days are the norm, and nothing tops off a hot day of beach hopping like a

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How-to: make your home a work and study space

There is a decent chance you’re working from home, a really good chance you’re taking classes from home, and an ever-present recommendation from health experts to stay home as often as you can. While we had a little taste of

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