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Love in the age of COVID

by | Oct 15, 2020 | Date night | 0 comments

Love in the age of COVID-19 has become the ultimate challenge. No matter what stage of a relationship you’re in, there are major setbacks. Back in March, when everything first shut down, everyone started to realize just how much harder dating was going to be and how much it will change forever. However, humans are nothing if not resourceful when it comes to finding ways to do what we want despite limitations.

All over the world, people started to share stories of how they were finding ways to stay connected. From using drones to ask out a new girl who had lived nearby without ever being noticed to turning backyards into outdoor movie theatres, people everywhere were coming up with new innovative ways to do the things they always did with a twist. It was as if these challenges were precisely what the world needed to keep its mind off the real and very terrifying problem that was entirely out of anyone’s control.

On TikTok—a social media platform that seemed to have become a bigger hype than ever during quarantine—couples took the date night challenge to a whole other level posting videos of their ideas on how to enjoy time with their significant other. Among those ideas, two stood out. Although there is no way to guarantee that these two users were the original creators of the ideas @medical_advice and @meganmakesdiy were the users that I first viewed featuring the content. They were both similar and could be done on a budget with little issue and one short trip to your local supermarket or department store.

The first, from @medical_advice, was a blind shop for a movie night. One person first digs through a discount movie bin while waiting for the other to say “stop,” at which point whichever movie is at hand is the winner. This strategy is then used to pick chips, drinks, ice cream, and even candy. One partner walks down the aisle until the other says stop, and wherever they stop, that is what they grab. It gets even better if the two partners switch after the first person is done, and they start all over again, picking a second movie, a bag of chips, drink, ice cream and candy. After all this is done, a short trip home will find all those involved comfy in the safety of their pandemic-free home, watching movies and potentially tasting new junk food. It may end up being an adventure for the eyes and taste buds no one ever knew they needed.

Scrolling further down the TikTok list, the second idea, from @meganmakesdiy, had a similar feel but with a twist. This time, there was a preset list of items and a maximum spending cap that can be agreed upon ahead of time. The list goes as follows:

• Something that is their favourite colour.

• Something that brings back a memory of us.

• Something that brings back a childhood memory.

• Something they must have.

• Favourite snack.

• Favourite drink.

• A craft to make.

• A game to play.

Once everything is purchased, and all parties have returned home, they can then present their gifts to each other. After which time they can spend the rest of the night playing games, eating snacks, and enjoying each other’s company. One of the exciting side effects of this challenge is seeing how well you know your partner and how well they know you when choosing the items. Also, I feel this one can have a further twist. Since supporting local is of the utmost importance at this time, a couple could omit the favourite snack at the store and instead order each other’s favourite meals from their favourite local restaurant for delivery. It is a small way to treat a loved one to a special meal they didn’t have to cook and help the local economy all while having a fun night enjoying the other gifts purchased.

Sure, this may not be the ideal date night for most, but considering the present situation we are facing these are incredibly creative ways to work through a rather challenging time and do so safely. The even better aspect is that although meant for romantic dates, it doesn’t have to be strictly used for that purpose. It can be used for a fun night in between friends or roommates, and if you live at home with family, it can even be used as a family date night. We all need as much connection and time away from all the stresses that 2020 has dropped on us. What better way to escape in the comfort of your own bubble than with a little TikTok date challenge?

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