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Battle of the bubbles

by | Feb 6, 2024 | Campus, Culture, Food | 5 comments

Which bubble tea place on campus is worth your time (and money)?

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but MacEwan is quickly becoming a bubble tea HUB! CoCo (10147 109 St.) is only a 6-minute bus ride away and Dream Tea (11242 104 Ave.) is a 3-minute walk away from Allard Hall. But, MacEwan has also opened up two new locations right here on campus! But, are they any good? Well, I took the time to figure that out for you.


I won’t lie; going into this, I was biased. Teapsy’s brown sugar milk tea has my whole heart. But, I was curious to see if this new Building 6 location would live up to its Whyte Ave counterpart. I could see the similarities in the decor, the calming greenery, and neon signs encouraging you to “Sip, Study, Repeat!” (don’t mind if I do). The further I went in, the more it looked…well, unfinished. The initial area has some good seating with lots of access to outlets (just ignore the standard chairs you’d only see at school assemblies) and a generally cute vibe. But, turn the corner,  and suddenly, there is a lot to be desired in the form of an old couch and plain walls. However, I will say that my regular brown sugar boba did not disappoint me. 

ORDER: Original Brown Sugar with extra tapioca 

TOTAL: $8.13


On the first floor of Robbins, is the new BesTea which is a great place to check out with your best-teas (pun intended). And, if you’re going alone, that’s okay, because the staff there is ready to make you feel like their best friends. Being referred to as “bestie” multiple times during my order was an instant boost of serotonin. As silly as it was, there was no way I couldn’t smile. 

Their wide selection of flavours only cemented that smile on my face. I fully intended to try their brown sugar boba to provide a direct comparison of the two locations. I scrapped that plan the moment I saw the words “Tokyo Cheesecake” — and yes, it is a drink. A delicious drink at that. One I barely had to wait to try as soon as I quickly found an empty table. Takam Market might not have its own seating, but there are many options right outside their door. Robbins’s glass walls let the light in, allowing all the Vitamin D-deficient students the sunlight that they desperately need. 

ORDER: Jumbo Classic Pearl Tokyo Cheesecake with extra Dulce de Leche tapioca

TOTAL: $9.69

Edo Japan

Before you tell me I forgot a bubble tea place, let me quickly tell you how ordering a brown sugar boba from Edo went. I was hungry. I ordered it alongside my shrimp noodlefull bowl. Even being someone who is an avid bubble tea lover and is firmly against food waste — I threw it out. So yeah,  it is $4.95 (infinitely cheaper than the others).  But, does that mean you should get it? I wish you all the best if you do.The garbage can is beside Edo for your convenience. 

ORDER: Shrimp Noodlefull Bowl and Brown Sugar Milk Tea

TOTAL: $20.42

The winner is . . .

So, who is the winner of this “Battle of the Bubbles?” I officially declare BesTea the victor. Do with that what you will, and remember to “sip, study, repeat!”

Photo credits to Nour Ihsene Salhi

Nour Ihsene Salhi

The Griff


  1. tasnim

    perfect guide on what to order thanks!!

    • Bachir

      did you taste it?

  2. Jenny

    Love this guide! But I gotta vouch for Edo’s bubble tea. I admit, they definitely flunked in the first month that they released their bubble teas (I also threw my brown sugar out), BUT I can confirm that they’ve greatly improved. Although I haven’t had their brown sugar again, I adore their classic Milk Tea and their Mango with Lychee Jelly. So incredibly affordable and a delicious classic. You really can’t go wrong with Milk Tea. Definitely worth a try if you’re on a budget. Plus, $3 on Mondays? Say less.

  3. Bachir

    how many boubl tea did you bay?

  4. Bachir

    is the cheese cake Halal?


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