CampusMya Colwell

Finding your MacEwan niche

Finding your niche on campus can be a challenge, especially when it’s your first year of university and your social skills are more than a little rusty after COVID. But there are so many options for on-campus community, and student groups and communities are...

CampusLifestyleEva Driessen

Coupling up on campus

  Cuffing season may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to give up on love. While many students may turn to Instagram DMs, Tinder, or the highly underused MacEwan Anonymous Acknowledgments, Admit, and Confessions Facebook page in hopes of...

CampusMya Colwell

Connecting on campus

Let’s be honest, making friends is far from easy. And at university, there isn’t a one-stop, all-you-can-eat buffet of friendships available, like there was during recess in elementary school. Instead, it can be very daunting...

CampusLauren BeattyElise CheungSeraphim RosenfeldtHeidi GornerKaitlyn TupperLaura Caney

Student showcase: DESN 317 Publication Design

Lauren Beatty This redesign of the griff serves as a reintroduction edition to students. Most current students need to become more familiar with the griff since they begantheir post-secondary journey during the pandemic. The purpose of this redesign is to allow the...

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