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Club Q+A: Hip Hop Club

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When did you decide to begin a hip hop club at MacEwan?

Quinton Wong: The club was started in 2015, so two years ago. The club was only 24 people to start with, but it doubled last year. It gathered a lot of interest over the summer, and we hope to have more members join this year.

What got you interested in creating/getting involved with the club?

Danielle Hall: I didn’t start until last year and found out about it at their showcase. I love dance and always wanted a club that fit what I wanted to do.

QW: I had no experience with dance but met a group of friends who danced and everybody was very inclusive and nice so we hung out and danced a lot. At the time there was no dance club at MacEwan, so we decided to start one.

What kind of activities would members or potentially interested students expect to see when in the club?

DH: We have three different genres of dance — K-pop, hip hop, and breakdancing — and during the week the different styles have different times. There are a variety of dance styles and levels. An experienced choreographer comes in and works with us, and one of the best local B-boys does a workshop during the year.

QW: Members can usually expect a breakdance battle every month, which we put on in order to create some friendly and healthy competition within the city, since there isn’t much of a scene yet.

What are the expectations for present and prospective members?

QW: Each member is expected to pay a registration fee at the beginning of the year. It is only $40 and comes with a T-shirt that the group uses for performance attire as well. There are also varying levels of commitment with the club. There is a performance group; this group performs at showcases, competitions, etc., and attendance at practices and meetings is mandatory. Also, at any one of the practices, drop-ins are welcome.

Do you have to have any previous dance experience to be a member?

QW: Everybody is welcome. No previous dance experience is needed, just a good attitude and an itch to dance. Hip hop is one of the styles that you just kind of just immerse yourself in to learn. But we plan to have a group or class that divides ability level for the dancers.

What sort of club activities or events does your club put on at MacEwan?

QW: Hip Hop Club has done a multitude of showcases and performances around MacEwan and Edmonton. For example, in the past two years we have done a performance at MacEwan (Global Awareness Week), some B-boy competitions, showcases at Harry Ainlay High School, and during the summer the K-pop dancers put on a whole set for Heritage Days.

DH: However, our main event is our year-end showcase, which takes place near the end of March and consists of a whole set of performances and choreography from the whole year, with all the genres together. This year we are hoping it will be in one of the new theatres at Allard Hall. 

Graphic courtesy of the MUDC Facebook page. Edited for length and clarity.

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