Date night: tobogganing, blankets, and hot chocolate

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The date night challenge that began in 2020 continues, and no one really knows when it will entirely end. In fact, as this article is being written, restrictions have simply become tighter with rising numbers and no end and sight.

So what can you do when it’s cold, it’s post-Christmas so logically money is tight, and COVID-19 still rages on? How about embracing the cold and being a kid again?

When we are young and carefree, anything is an excuse to have fun. In Canada, there is no better excuse for fun than snow. So why not enjoy what winter has to offer and go tobogganing?

Toboggans will cost you around $40 unless you are going for the more traditional wood toboggans, which can get pricey. Crazy carpets are even less expensive though they are named crazy carpets for a reason, so buyer and tail bone beware.

Once you find a perfect toboggan, it’s time to plan for the cold. Warm outerwear and toques and mitts are a must, but what about warming your insides as well. Hot chocolate, perhaps? Get yourself a couple of Thermoses and make your favourite hot chocolate. Personally, I believe adding some milk or flavoured creamer is the best way to make a simple hot chocolate extra creamy and delicious, but that is entirely up to the drinker’s taste. Baileys is also a great option, but if you’re going to do that, please don’t drink and slide.

Now with everything in hand, it is time to find the perfect tobogganing hill. There are numerous sites in Edmonton that are perfect for this activity. Here are a few.

Emily Murphy Park, located at 11904 Emily Murphy Park Road, has a great hill with access to bathrooms, as well as fire pits where you can make a fire and stay warm while drinking your hot chocolate.

Gallagher Hill near the Muttart is located at 97 Avenue and 92 Street. This hill is not for the faint of heart, so unless you’re seeking thrills with your chills, I wouldn’t venture there. But, if thrills are what you’re after, this is a great hill with a steep slope. It is also one that you might want to look into before going, as there is ongoing construction at Connors Road above that could affect your plans.

Rundle Park, located at 2909 113 Avenue, will give you lots of options as it has several hills used regularly for tobogganing. However, this is a very family friendly area, so depending on the day you choose and whether you’re looking to make this a very romantic date, you may want to take that into consideration.

Millwoods Sports Park, located at 23 Avenue and 66 Street, has some great spaces and can be far less busy at times. If you live on the southeast end of the city, this might be a great option to stay close to home and still have some fun.

Parkwest toboggan bowl, located at 18725 95 Avenue, seems to be an Edmonton favourite with ample space to play. Much like most of the toboggan hills, it is family friendly, something the activity lends itself to.

Last but not least, it is important to mention Whitemud Park north, located at Keillow Road and Fox Drive. This hill is excellent if you have a need for speed, but the stairs nearby mean you don’t have to fight the uphill battle of climbing back up on snow and ice.

Whichever park you choose, you are sure to have a great time as long as you choose the right fun-loving person to take in tow. If you have any questions about parks and possible restrictions at the time of planning, the City of Edmonton keeps their tobogganing hills site updated and supplies information on current hill conditions. So what are you waiting for? Grab your partner and your stuff along with a blanket or two, and get out there. And don’t forget the marshmallows!

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