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Date night: virtual dance lessons

by | Nov 1, 2020 | Date night | 0 comments

Netflix binge nights and dinners in are great, but how many can we have before losing our minds? During a time when the weather is colder, going out is getting trickier, and getting exercise is harder to do, pick a date night that is a little out of the box.

A date night of dancing at home will get your heart pumping, keep you warm, and you won’t have to worry about maneuvering your way through changing COVID-19 restrictions. You can choose to dress up as if you were going out for the night, or you can stay in your pyjamas, wear your dancing shoes or go at it barefoot. The options are endless.

This is the kind of date night that you can really tweak to meet your expectations, and it doesn’t have to be geared strictly to romantic couples. If you live with other roommates, a fun night of dancing and margaritas can be in your future.

Of course, there are a multitude of online videos of dancers showing you how to dance, and those are always an option if you are looking for free fun. Still, sometimes it gets a bit daunting trying to wade through the many lacklustre videos in an effort to find one good one, but if time is on your side and money is a problem, this might best-laid plan.

Suppose you’re looking for something that is formatted specifically for the at-home date night space, then might be the one for you. The name may seem a little one-sided as far as gender, but crumby marketing aside, these preset dance lessons are geared towards couples looking to learn some basic dance moves that can be used with any type of music. For $67 USD, you get 19 videos that you can get through in about 90 to 180 minutes. You also have access to the videos online whenever you choose. This site is definitely geared towards a more romantic night with your partner, but if dancing with your roommate for practice is your choice, then bring it on. This site also offers a money back guarantee.

Another option is This can be a better option if a fun night with roommates is in order, though to be fair, it can also be an enjoyable night for couples. Steezy will cost you $20 USD a month or $99 USD for the year but has a seven-day free trial option. Just don’t forget to cancel after the trial period.

You can choose from multiple types of dances on this site, and it has an added bonus feature of a party option. The party option allows you to video chat with up to 10 friends while doing a synched dance class. This might be an excellent option for date nights with other couples where they can be in their respective homes and still have a great time.

Both sites offer a great alternative to a night out dancing, but Steezy definitely provides more options and better value for the cost. What Steezy lacks, however, is the romantic aspect. Either way you choose to go, you are sure to get a great workout and have a lot of fun. This may turn out to become your go-to way of getting some exercise in every week, but if not, you should at least be ready to impress at the next wedding or party post-COVID-19.

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