Date night: Snow Valley Aerial Park

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You could head out for another dinner, perhaps coffee around the corner, or take in a flick and enjoy the air conditioning while absorbing the latest blockbuster explosion fest. But those seeking real adventure with their partner, squeeze, or Tinder date may want to give Snow Valley Aerial Park a try.

Located in South Edmonton, just off Whitemud Trail, the Aerial Park is nearing the end of their second season in operation, shutting down to the public for the winter Oct. 7. Tim Dea, Snow Valley’s marketing and communication manager, agrees that the Aerial Park isn’t your normal date spot.

“Whether or not either person is athletic or not, it will push you and take your mind off the date and back on ‘how do get across THIS thing?’ You will work off each other and strategize which way to go and which elements to avoid. Also, it can be very ego shattering if you need to be rescued by one of the guides, then you’re back on the platform trying to get across to the next challenge. Or you can simply try it again,” said Dea.

A night of strategy, adventure, and teamwork builds bonds, but while the Aerial Park may be the place to build those bonds, it sure isn’t a cheap night out. The fee at the door is $49 a person, or to $44 if you book online in advance.

The biggest way to save though is through the twilight pricing, which still gives you and your beau plenty of time to enjoy the swinging obstacle course high above the valley floor. Twilight rates kick in within three hours of the park shutting down for the night and the savings increase until 7:30 p.m. when it drops by 35 per cent down to $31.85.

Even with the twilight rate, students may find the price to be the biggest hurdle the Aerial Park has to offer, but for a unique night out swinging high above the valley with the person you think is swell, it might not be so bad. Plus there’s the treetop patio, a favourite of Dea. 

“It’s a unique 360 degree view of the valley floor. And now with the lights on a cool September evening, it just makes it special,” Dea said.

When you and your date get into the park, the adrenaline-fuelled choose your own adventure begins. You’re able to choose between the easy path, the hard path, or the pretty much impossible path.

“Easy ones may be crossing a sturdy rope ladder and ‘darn near impossible’ would be crossing the cannon balls which consists of, you guessed it, a series of cannon balls you grab with your hands. I watch people do that one … slow golf clap to those folks,” said Dea.

Most people only make it two hours or so in the park, but you can keep the adventure going for up to three hours — if you’ve got the stamina. There are guides available throughout the course if you get trapped, and while the park is closed for the winter, it can be reopened at anytime for special occasions.

So if you’re looking for something different to finish the summer off with a bang, then head on out to the Aerial Park and see if you and your date have what it takes to push through the obstacles and come out the other side — monkey style.

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