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Five TikTok trends you do not want to miss

by | May 28, 2020 | Culture, Lifestyle | 0 comments

According to an article by Forbes, TikTok is the number-one downloaded non-gaming app, and data from states Sensor Tower that the app has hit 1.5 billion downloads. TikTok is a social media platform for creating, sharing, and discovering short videos. It is amazing to see how this platform has aided in bringing many talents around the world to light, whether it’s dancing, singing, or lip-syncing movie dialogues. Not only are these TikTok-ers passing time with their videos, but some are also creating a fan base with their viral videos that are being posted across most social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Since the app was released in 2019, various trends have been introduced through videos have gone viral. The recent trends are successful because of the humour, relatability, and how easy it is for anyone to create in post-production on the app itself.

Below are five top trends that have been circulating 2020 during the quarantine. 

  1. “Banana by Conkarah” (Sunglasses Challenge) 

This challenge is really fun and simple as it only involves having a pair of sunglasses and some cool dance moves. You can do this TikTok either individually or with a group. 

The clips start off with the phrase from the song sung by Conkarah “Sick Wid It Crew Drop,” and the individual or group in the TikTok video do a combination of dance movements and the highlight is when the sunglasses drops.

The word “drop” is cue for when the participants drop the sunglasses they’re wearing and the dance beat comes on with the individual/group moving their hands and body. These movements can be seen clearly in their TikTok video. 

Full video by @tima_crew

  1. “Say So” (Doja Cat) 

This TikTok video is inspired by the song sung by American singer, songwriter, and rapper Doja Cat who became famous with the release of her music video for the song “Mooo!” 

This TikTok became viral because of the dance movements that mimic the words of the song and the catchy tune to the song, starting off with two claps.

Then, the song is broken down with different dance moves mimicking what the singer is singing. 

The simple dance to this song can get you, your family, and friends off their feet. The dance moves are showcased slickly by @charlidamelio  

3. The “Don’t Rush” challenge 

With the physical distancing still in full effect, this challenge can be done in the comfort of your own home, using a makeup brush and your friends. This video uses the song “Don’t Rush” by U.K rap duo Young T and Bugsey, and the edits in this video challenge make it look like you get ready within seconds. The nice thing about this challenge is that it can be done virtually with all your besties, showing off your best transformations from your sitting-at-home wear to your going-out looks. 

This video managed to get people’s attention, and they started creating interpretations of passing different items instead of makeup brushes. 

The video starts off with your sitting-at-home look. Then, using a brush the camera lens is blacked out. The second part is the going out look and then you pass/throw the brush to the next person virtually, in any direction you want. 

The original #Don’tRushChallenge video was first posted on Twitter, but there are many videos, like this one, posted on TikTok.

4. Lottery — K Camp AKA Renegade, Renegade

This TikTok video is a combination of moves dancing to the beat by K Camp This video was named the Renegade as that particular word was repeated a couple of times in the song Lottery. The dance moves included multiple popular steps like the woah, the wave, and the dab, created by Jalaiah Harmon. 

It is not easy to break this dance down using pictures. Instead here is a tutorial by Auti Kamal breaking down the moves step by step, and a TikTok video of @charlidamelio with choreographer Jalaiah Harmon dancing to the tunes of “Renegade.” 

5. My Fit by Mad Circuit

The My Fit dance video first came to light in the new Netflix series Never Have I Ever, starring Missausaga-born Maitreyi Ramakrishnan. The blue and red outfits in the series brought us back to a time when Britney Spears and Paris Hilton used to wear similar dresses. 

The dance in the video showed a combination of movements with three characters switching positions between each other. The significance of the challenge in the show was to use a social media platform to gain the attention of their crush, much like the way that influencers use TikTok to entertain and gain recognition. This challenge was quick to gain attention by the app’s users for its relatability in trying to attract someone’s attention by dancing and posting it on a social media platform. 

Here’s is a video by Tik Tokker @yodelinghaley dancing to the beat by Mad Circuit

Now that you know some of the best 2020 TikTok trends that have been circulating in the digital sphere, I hope this gives you the confidence to download the app and get ready to shine. Good luck, and enjoy!

Image by Kon Karempelas, via Unsplash

Shanghetaa Alfred

The Griff


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