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Food for thought: DogPatch, Little Brick, and Bread + Butter

by | Sep 20, 2022 | Downtown, Food | 0 comments

Tucked away in the valley is the charming community of Riverdale, Edmonton. There, you will find two local restaurants and a bakery that serve a wide variety of beverages, fresh pastries, and delicious meals.

It started out as a café and general store that goes by the name Little Brick. Carmen Winkler, owner of all three spots, says that they opened Little Brick Café as a test of the Riverdale community. “Little Brick was kind of a test of the neighborhood. Could a residential café work? It’s only open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Will people come? And people did,” Winkler exclaims. “We just wanted to get behind doing cool things in the river valley, engaging with the community, making it more of a tourist destination.”

Little Brick has two sibling companies — Dogpatch and Bread + Butter. The two are located in the same building so you can grab brunch at Dogpatch and a fresh baked pastry to go from Bread + Butter.

Winkler explains why she and her team decided to expand Little Brick Café to Dogpatch and Bread + Butter. “The river valley really is the best part of Edmonton,” she says, “I think people really understood that and got that during the pandemic because there weren’t places to go, so people were walking and biking.” Winkler’s intent was to create a central hub where everyone can gather and partake in community. She and her team did just that!

Little Brick and Dogpatch have their own unique vibes. Little Brick Café is perfect for a pitstop on your Saturday afternoon stroll or bike ride. They specialize in brunch items, where you will find their delicious signature breakfast sandwich on the menu. Not to mention they serve amazing quality coffee. Dogpatch exists for all of your munching needs, from brunch to lunch to dinner made with locally-sourced ingredients.

What makes Dogpatch extra special is their Night of The Week initiative where every day has a food-based theme. Mondays are mimosa night, Tuesdays are pizza night, there’s burger and beer Wednesday, and ribs Thursday. Winkler observes that this aspect of the restaurant has increased their late-night business by a landslide. A notable favourite from fans of Dogpatch is their mimosa flight.

Lovers of bread and all things baked will absolutely love Bread + Butter Bakery, where their famous sourdough resides and their bread is baked fresh daily. Not only do they sell various loaves and all the pastries you could imagine, the company is true to its name and sells a wide array of flavored butters including garlic, cheddar jalapeno, and maple.

“I feel like the main standout for this neighborhood is that it’s a hidden gem that not everyone knows about,” Winkler explains. “People appreciate those little spots that they can sort of take on as their own, and they feel like it’s home.”

Little Brick is just a short walking distance from the other two eateries, so make an afternoon out of exploring the Riverdale neighborhood; grab a coffee from Little Brick and a pastry from Bread + Butter to fuel your river valley adventure!

All three spots cater to dietary restrictions and allergies.

Aajah Sauter

The Griff


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