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How to romanticize winter in Edmonton

by | Nov 24, 2023 | Culture | 0 comments

Wintertime is for falling snowflakes, hot chocolate, and a romantic white christmas. This

time of year always has beautiful views, but it can also be troubling to go outside in the snow. It seems like a lot of work, and finding places to go or things to do can be difficult. , 

But, there are many places that have holiday spirit everywhere, if you look hard enough. Around Edmonton, there are many places to go if you want to have fun with your friends, family, or a significant other. 

Here is a guide to help you navigate the whats and wheres of winter fun.

1. Visiting the Christmas Market at the Winspear Centre

This cute and festive market has over a hundred vendors. The market is on Dec. 2 and runs from noon  until 10 p.m. The shops have Christmas decor, food and drinks, as well as  amazing gifts for your loved ones. The market is a great place to go if you love Christmas shopping and want to see people everywhere, immersed in the romantic holiday season.

2. Checking out the Carducci Christmas Show

From Dec. 1 to Dec. 25, Tommy Carducci will have a gorgeous light show happening for everyone to see. Every day, it will have 15 shows back-to-back

from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. The event is free to all, but donations to the Edmonton Food Bank will also be accepted. 

3. Watching the Candy Cane Lane movie

If you’re not a fan of the cold, snowy winter, then this movie is perfect to put on while you snuggle up by the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate. This movie, featuring Eddie Murphy, is a brand new addition to the Christmas collection of films. It’s a family-friendly comedy and can be watched as soon as Dec. 1 on Prime Video.

4. Visiting cute cafes all over Edmonton

There are many local Edmonton cafés that serve the most amazing drinks (and are also affordable). Winter is a great time for coffee dates, cute outings, or to simply just enjoy yourself. A few cafes to visit this winter are Brew and Bloom — a floral restaurant that i has a hugevariety on their menu, and The Carrot on 118th Avenue, which is a small cafe that also sells local art and has live music.

5. Going on winter-themed dates

I have seen many romantic Christmas movies, and I find them all to have

one thing in common: there is always a cliché date. Whether it’s baking with your partner and making a mess, having a day outside in the snow, grabbing holiday drinks and walking

Downtown, or going out to seeChristmas cheer everywhere, there are a lot of variations. I highly recommend trying one of these out with a partner. 

This list should  keep you occupied throughout the entire month, as we all know there are many things happening. Winter is beautiful and romantic, whether you love walking in the snow or a quiet night in.

Lexi Buzzi

The Griff


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