Picnics at the Botanic Garden

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Chances are, you’ve heard about the University of Alberta Botanic Garden, which is a nice 15-minute drive outside of the southwest limits of Edmonton. You may have been there to attend one of the countless events they regularly host throughout the year, and you may have even realized what a perfect COVID-friendly activity the garden provides since it reopened for summer 2020 in early June. The Botanic Garden offers stunning views for socially distanced outdoor walks, with plenty of different, beyond Instagram-worthy photo opportunities and numerous chances to learn about the Garden’s history as well as the University’s ground-breaking work done within the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences. 

What you may not have heard about is the Garden’s new initiative, rolled out this summer to help deal with the effects of COVID-19 protocols and the resulting limitations on the usual booming summer business. The Botanic Garden now offers their Twilight Picnic Experience, and it is the ultimate evening date night or friend hangout activity. 

Each purchase gets you a picnic box built for two people, filled to the brim with quality charcuterie board-style snacks. The offerings range from breads, meats and cheeses, fresh fruit and veggies, to a variety of locally made desserts, and even a cute little jar of jam. The purchase includes a bottled beverage to share, and alcoholic drinks can be pre-ordered and picked up from the drink cart after you settle in for your picnic in one of the beautiful gardens.

The entire experience is super user-friendly, and the price of $125 per box is justified once you see how jam-packed the picnic is, especially considering the fresh, local ingredients. The price includes your admission fee, of course, and the evening picnic hours are closed to the public, so you are enjoying your meal only surrounded by other couples or small groups. Overall, it’s quite intimate and a highly recommended activity. 

The Gardens are only open until mid-October, and there are only a few slots left to book your picnics, so if this is something that interests you, act fast! 

Bookings can be made at https://botanicgarden.ualberta.ca/

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