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MUMC Podcast 

This is a MacEwan University based podcast by the MacEwan Marketing Club. The podcast hosts different business leaders, especially within Edmonton, who provide insights into the many questions regarding business and marketing that the listener may have.

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The Common Ground

This is also a MacEwan-based podcast hosted by Irfan Chaudry, a sociology professor at MacEwan University, and Iman Bukhari, founder of the Canadian Cultural Mosaic Foundation.  The podcast is produced by MacEwan’s Office of Human Rights, Diversity and Equity (OHRDE). It is a very well-curated and easy-to-understand podcast series that speaks on issues on diversity and hate within Alberta. The podcast turns a critical eye to these issues and encourages the viewer to reflect on their place within Albertan society in regards to the issues of diversity and hate. Episode two, “All Walks of Life: From Hate to Healing,” is a great place to start if you’re interested in learning about hate and its effects.

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Two Crees in a Pod

This MacEwan-based podcast features Terri Sunjens and Amber Dion. Amber Dion is an assistant professor of social work here at Macewan, and Terri Sujens is MacEwan’s director of Indigenous initiatives and kihêw waciston. This podcast was recommended to me by sociology professor Amanda Nelund, who does work on restorative justice. The podcast is aimed at raising awareness for Indigenous issues and promoting and honouring Indigenous culture. In the atmosphere of reconciliation and the tragedy of the recent public discoveries regarding residential schools, this is a good podcast to follow and listen to as it brings humanity and perspective to a lot of these issues. The podcast uses Indigenous storytelling to explore the different issues discussed in each episode.

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Small Doses

This is an American podcast hosted by producer, actress, and TV show host, Amanda Seales.

The podcast functions as a mini-diary for Seales’ self-discoveries and life lessons. Seales is also a social activist and infuses a lot of her work into the podcast, raising awareness on social justice issues within North America. 

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The Secret Life of Canada

This is a CBC podcast hosted by Leah-Simone Bowen and Falen Johnson. Bowen is a Toronto-based, first-generation Canadian from Alberta and Johnson is a playwright and performer. Bowen’s family hails from Barbados, and Johnson is Mohawk and Tuscarora from Six Nations. Each episode on this podcast is like a mini-crash course on the history and things you didn’t know about Canada today and 100 years ago.

One thing I learned from the podcast was the concept of “friendship centres,” which are places that help Indigenous people learn about a city when they move. In the podcast, they explore how these centers are very much community pillars. As the name notes, the podcast explores hidden and open secrets within Canada.

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