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Author: Rayyah Sempala


Rihanna breaks her silence

It feels like the whole world has been holding its breath for the release of Rihanna’s new album in January 2023. A running joke on Twitter and Instagram is that Rihanna has not released music because of her Fenty beauty

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Study spaces at MacEwan

MacEwan University is as unique as the students that get to call this school home. In knowing this, we see that study spaces at MacEwan are also unique to each student. Each department offers different study spaces that students can

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Studying abroad

MacEwan International has many programs that can give students the opportunity to study within or outside of Canada at other universities. So how exactly can you access this information if you’re interested in seeing what’s available or learning more about

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Podcasts to follow

MUMC Podcast  This is a MacEwan University based podcast by the MacEwan Marketing Club. The podcast hosts different business leaders, especially within Edmonton, who provide insights into the many questions regarding business and marketing that the listener may have. Listen

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