Rihanna breaks her silence

by | Dec 14, 2022 | Culture

It feels like the whole world has been holding its breath for the release of Rihanna’s new album in January 2023. A running joke on Twitter and Instagram is that Rihanna has not released music because of her Fenty beauty line, which has been so successful that she no longer needs to work. Her fans, nicknamed the Navy, have now been waiting six years for her new music. To poke fun at her lack of new music, some fans tag her in social media posts of other artists when they release new music. 

Rihanna took a break from music to start her new beauty line, Fenty Beauty, named after her last name, which has gained worldwide acclaim for being inclusive and good quality. The singer has also been busy with her family and the recent addition, her new baby. 

Her new song, which featured in the new movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, is titled “Lift Me Up.” It references the movie’s theme of grief and redemption, and it could be a teaser as to what we might see in her upcoming album. For her song, Rihanna consulted up-and-coming Nigerian artist, Tems, and incorporated some of her style into the song. Tems has been compared to Rihanna in terms of style and stage presence. 

For her new album, fans are expecting to see Rihanna in a whole new light which will showcase her growth in these past years. All her recent life-changing-events will certainly be reflected in her new music that’s coming out soon, and I’m sure many fans are excited to see what’s in store.

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