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Quiz: What your favourite building says about you

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Answer this quiz honestly and keep track of which letters you choose. The letter you have chosen the most will determine your favourite building and what it says about you. HEY! No checking the results first, either.

1. What program are you in?

  1. Sciences, social sciences, or humanities (with a minor in BEER)
  2. Psychology or compsci (please touch grass — I say that with love)
  3. Arts, design, or communications (you’re kool with a k)
  4. Is there a program for student leadership?
  5. Nursing (how are you doing?)
  6. Mechanics 
  7. Business (you’re taking over your parents’ company, we get it)

2. What are your study habits? 

  1. I’m on campus studying solo —  with my headphones in — or getting together with some friends at a table and pretending to study
  2. I find a Quizlet that I go through right before the test (risky… but effective)
  3. Studying? What’s that? I’m watching Netflix 
  4. I go to all the school events during the week so I kinda forget about studying 
  5. I don’t even have time to do this quiz. I have to study for eight more exams next week! (yikes, sorry)
  6. I would rather be at home sleeping (same) 
  7. The only thing I study is my macros (and I don’t mean economics)

3. Where do you get your coffee on campus?

  1. You’re a Starbies or Timmies die-hard (no in-between)
  2. Bean’s List (when it reopens, ofc)
  3. Munch (go try their cinnamon rolls!)
  4. Deville (you’re so right— and rich — for this)
  5. Takam all the way!
  6. Sewage water or on-the-go Americanos
  7. Your body is a temple so you won’t destroy with caffeine (but, you drink Red Bull)

4. How social are you?

  1. I am either 100/10 or 1/10, but there’s no in-between. It’s either nose-in-the-books or partying Thursdays at Towers for karaoke and Fridays at Uno tourneys
  2. People run away when I approach so… not too social
  3. Social? Pfft, add butterfly to that and you’ve got me. But, only with friends or in classes as I don’t really go to that many on-campus events 
  4. I am at almost every school event, especially SAMU’s Games Cafe! 
  5. Oh my gosh, I just told you I can’t afford to be social! Unless it’s with one of the practice dummies that I am assigned with for a lesson
  6. I party on the weekends, but stay away from school events usually
  7. The only time I’m NOT talking is when I’m in the middle of a deadlift. 

5. What’s your favourite colour? 

  1. Red (Go Griffins!!)
  2. Brown 
  3. Green
  4. Literally anything else
  5. Blue, maroon, or pink
  6. Grey, in all of its shades
  7. Black (no sweat stains here!)

6.  Which student group are you a part of?

  1. Reading club
  2. Loser club 
  3. Every music/acting/writing club available!
  4. Any student-focused club
  5. I’m only in required clubs if I’m forced to pick 
  6. Is there a car club? 
  7. Muscle club

7. Which aesthetic are you?

  1. Academia
  2. Normcore
  3. Cottagecore
  4. Softcore
  5. Clean girl 
  6. Richcore 
  7. Gymcore 

8. What do you do outside of school?

  1. I read a lot (for school and my own to-be-read!)  
  2. I watch paint dry
  3. Watching movies, for sure
  4. Hanging out with my friends
  5. I’m doing my practicum, so either that or studying
  6. Don’t ask, don’t tell
  7. Prep my meals for the week

9. If you had to choose one thing, what would you choose?

  1. Bucket of fries 
  2. Brick
  3. Broadway
  4. Mirrorball
  5. Lanyard
  6. Aviators
  7. Water bottle

10. What’s your greatest fear?

  1. Failure
  2. Being cool
  3. Being unoriginal
  4. Isolation
  5. Death 
  6. Not being on time
  7. Not hitting my protein count for the day


A: Building 6 and 7, how… normal of you! Studying at the library? Check. Thursday karaoke at Towers? Check. Broke? Check! Good luck booking room 6-201E this week!

B: Our sincerest condolences, but you got Building 5. My only question is, what are you DOING? Would you like me to call someone to get help? Seriously, just in case, 780-482-HELP. 

C: You got Allard Hall! Let’s be honest, you’ve never been anywhere else (we see you comms majors — please stop judging our grammar!). Don’t worry babes, you’ll be in the spotlight one day. 

D: You got SAMU! Let’s be honest, you’re not in school to study, you’re here for the fun. Also, your coffee taste is rich yet immaculate

E: You got the Robbins Health Learning Centre (or Building 9). Are you really shocked? No, I didn’t think so. Good luck on that quiz tomorrow, though!

F: Somehow you ended up with Parkcade? How did you even get this? When did we put this as an option? Well, anyways I guess you’ve got a need for speed, Lightning McQueen. Just make sure to park INSIDE the lines and, for the love of god, PULL ALL THE WAY IN! 

G: Oooh we found a gym rat. You got the Sports and Wellness building, aka the gym (or, should we say Jim). We get it, you like working out and court sports. Just a note, the basketball is supposed to go INTO the hoop (we can see you missing from the pedway).

Avery Chilton

The Griff


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