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Realpolitik: New executives appointed by SAMU 

by | Apr 11, 2024 | Campus, Politics, SAMU | 2 comments

On April 4, 2024, SAMU Students’ Council held a special meeting to appoint vacant Executive Committee positions for VP student life and VP external. 

The VP student life position was left vacant before the election, and the VP external position became vacant after Jakob Cardinal, the only candidate running, was disqualified from the election.

In an emailed statement, Cardinal says he was disqualified for failing to submit an expense report by the 4 p.m. deadline before election day. Cardinal said that he “lost track of time” and that he “deeply regret[s] and see[s] this as a learning opportunity about prioritization.”

“[I] apologize once more to Students Council, Executive Committee, and all SAMU members and staff for affecting the integrity of the election.”

Cardinal also says there were no costs exceeding the maximum allowed campaign expenses of $250. 

After a closed-door “in camera” deliberation, Students’ Council unanimously appointed Aleace Moom as VP student life. While Cardinal applied for the vacant VP external position, the council appointed Alric Reid instead. 

Members of council admitted it was a “difficult decision” to make. 

Cardinal says while he’s disappointed at not being appointed, he stands by the council’s choices.

“I look forward now to the transition and setting my successor up for success for the benefit of the students of MacEwan,” Cardinal said in an email to the Griff.

The newly appointed Executive Committee will take office on May 1 and hold the positions until April 2025.

Photo by Raynesh Ram

Raynesh Ram

The Griff


  1. Jay P.

    Cardinal made a simple error, unfortunate now Indigenous representation on the executive.

  2. Z

    Poor guy made a simple mistake, sad way to be disqualified


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