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Staying cozy in the cold: Tips for ensuring your home is as cozy as possible in fall weather

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The leaves are changing, the air has a certain crispness to it, football season has begun, and Starbucks has released its fall menu; if that doesn’t scream autumn has arrived I don’t know what will. Of course, with the onset of cooler weather we all want to ensure we are staying as cozy as possible! Here are a few tips on how to stay comfy and cozy this fall.

  1. Scents:

From candles, to air fresheners to room fragrances, filling your living space with warm and homey smells plays an essential role in your overall coziness throughout the day.  Some classic go-to fragrances include apple cinnamon, pumpkin chai, marshmallow, pumpkin spice, and pecan pie If you want to try something different; more toned down earthy scents will complement the cooler weather and that will have you feeling sweater weather in full effect. These scents include: sandalwood, dark rum, and smokey hints of fireside comfort. Some of my personal favourites are the pumpkin spiced candle from Bath & Body Works, and the Flannel & Football candle from Michaels.

  1. Colours and Light.  

Fall isn’t just about scents, it’s also about colours and light. As the sun rises later and sets earlier we have to take advantage of what sunshine we can get. 

Taking advantage of sunlight can take on different forms.  When it comes to an afternoon study session, try moving to a sunny location, perhaps with a view of the kaleidoscope of colours outdoors, or even sit outside to feel the crisp air kissing your face. To add to the golden glow from the sun, switch up your colour scheme to match the cozy atmosphere outdoors.

Try upgrading to warmer, deeper colours in your home, or even in your day to day wardrobe. These can be colours such as burnt orange, dark chocolate brown, and taupe; you can even try pops of gold to help heighten your cozy experience.

  1. Dress for the weather

Layering is also a huge must, whether it’s stacking up the amount of blankets on your bed or layering your clothes to stay warm yet trendy. For a casual yet comfy look, try oversized sweaters, or jackets. Not only is the oversized look on trend, it’s also a great way to heighten your comfort level, as oversized jackets and sweaters cover the majority of your body, they ensure your body is kept warm and feeling cozy. 

  1. Fall activities 

Getting out to do some fun or lowkey fall activities will help you experience all the season has to offer. A simple walk in the river valley, or carving pumpkins with friends would do the trick! Edmonton is also offering a great deal of activities such as Deadmonton, a walk-through haunted house near Whyte Avenue, and the corn maze, one of the city’s most popular fall attractions!

While you’re out, don’t hesitate to have a warm beverage on hand! This will certainly help keep your body warm and keep you feeling cozy. Of course, the all-time favourite pumpkin spice latte is a great way to really get the full effect of autumn. If you’re not a huge fan of the sweetness, try something a little more toned down, such as a chai tea, apple cinnamon tea/latte, vanilla latte, or even just a coffee to warm up your body! 

Taking all this into account will definitely help heighten your fall experience and make it the coziest yet! Happy Fall!

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