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Tag: Activism

Final Thoughts: Sympathy and social media

Is sympathy a currency worth trading in on social media? Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and now Vero allow us to comfortably engage with people and project an identity from behind a screen. Placing ourselves centre stage can be

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Taking the bulls by 
the horns

Whether it’s a birthday party for a sibling or a conference for hundreds of students, the time and energy that goes into organizing events and initiatives can be nearly endless. For activist and community organizer Nakita Valerio, however, it’s almost

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Should celebrities speak out about social issues?

In February, American singer-songwriter Kesha lost her lawsuit against Dr. Luke, a music producer. The lawsuit Kesha filed would have freed her from her contract with Dr. Luke, which currently requires her to record music exclusively under his record label.

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