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Final Thoughts

Miles Gilbert “Tim” Horton was better known as the star defenceman of the Toronto Maple Leafs when he opened his first doughnut shop in 1964. With its co-owner and namesake being a player of Canada’s favourite sport, for a team named after

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KayPop Art is popping

What started out with a table at farmer’s markets quickly turned into a full-scale business. At the time, 14-year-old Kaytlyne Dewald didn’t think it was possible to turn her hobby into a business and even now, 15 years later, she

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“Holy Angels”

In the fall of 2018, as Canadians have heard the Government of Canada discuss reconciliation efforts with Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples for the past several years, film director Jay Cardinal Villeneuve says that decisions like the government’s purchase of the Kinder

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A better future for nursing students

Nursing students in Canada may finally be presented with an opportunity already afforded to numerous other faculties: paid final practicums. For many years, medical and engineering students have had paid practicums and internships. So why have nursing students been forced

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Views from the mixed

In Canada, it’s a given that we accept people of all shapes, sizes, colours, beliefs, and all that jazz. That’s why being half Thai and half Canadian wasn’t a big deal growing up, nor was it a big deal to

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Where in the world is Canadian content?

Canadian media seems to be flourishing on the global stage. London, Ont.’s Justin Bieber and Toronto’s The Weeknd both made Forbes’ World’s Highest-Paid Celebrities Of 2016 list. Meanwhile, Canadian authors like Margaret Atwood and Michael Ondaatje have seen critical acclaim

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