EventsMarina Shenfield

Warming up to winter

Edmonton winters can be tough. For seven months of the year, the streets and sidewalks are frozen, icy, and covered in snow. Some days, our city is the coldest place on the entire planet. This can make it hard to find enough motivation to leave the house. Netflix...

EventsJacqueline Ohm


Up + Downtown Music Festival is an Edmonton-made initiative that brings venues in the city’s core together for a holiday-weekend extravaganza. With an array of music genres offered throughout the three-day festival, attendees often find it hard to pick just one...

CultureAnna McMillan

Nuit Blanche

Insomniacs, prepare yourselves for another all-nighter. Rather, prepare yourselves for a sleepless evening occupied by a phantasmagoria of food, festivities, and works of art that might have you convinced you're dreaming. Nuit Blanche, a French idiom meaning a...

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