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Taking a break

by | Mar 4, 2019 | Lifestyle | 0 comments

We’ve all been angry from time to time. It’s an emotion that contributes to the whole concept of us being human. But we can run into problems in our day to day lives if we harbour that anger and let it bottle up in us.


Luckily there are trendy locations where we can deal with such an issue: rage rooms.


A rage room is a place you go to where you can essentially break things. Items can range from old TVs to ceramic plates; with weapons of choice typically being baseball bats and golf clubs, though these can vary on the location you choose to go to.


Now, I haven’t actually gone to one of these rooms, all my information comes from various websites that I’ve looked into that offer the activity. However, I have had my share of angry moments. I’ve found that by punching/ripping apart a cardboard box or beating a pillow with a baseball bat, I can sometimes work out my emotional energy. Either that or I’d simply be too tired to remain angry afterwards. Regardless, breaking things can serve as a short term solution.


Would I say the same in terms of a long term solution? No. Though going to rage rooms can resolve a day’s worth of anger, constantly resorting to that could allow an individual’s anger to manifest into something dangerous. If an individual’s impulse in anger becomes destructive, they may break something they don’t want to break or worse, they may choose to physically hurt someone. Plus, it could become a problem financially depending on how angry you are, which can only lead to more stress and anger. Unfortunately, these sessions aren’t free. But they’re probably cheaper than alcohol or cigarettes.


However, that shouldn’t act as a deterrent to checking out rage rooms. Even if you aren’t angry, everyone should let themselves loose every once in a while. Especially in today’s fast-paced world where people are becoming increasingly stressed in work and school environments. When we get caught up in our job or studies, sometimes we forget to take a step back from our tasks and give our minds a rest. Rage rooms allow us to do that without us having to worry about the value of the things we break, or the clean-up for that matter.


Rage rooms look like a fun activity regardless of the mood one may be in. In moderation, it could very well serve as a form of emotional regulation. It’s something you could partake in after a hard day’s work. You could even do it for fun. Bring a few friends and have a blast.


I feel like the act of destroying things got a bad reputation in the past. Probably because it was seen as an act of violence rather than a form of therapy. In movies, I’ve found it rare to see someone throw a lamp across a room and come out of the situation with a smile. Then again, I may simply be watching the wrong movies. The way I see it, there’s nothing wrong with being a little destructive.

Marco Madron

The Griff


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