The Griff wins nation-wide Student Publication of the Year award at student journalism conference

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This past weekend, the Griff attended NASH 86, a student journalism conference hosted by the Canadian University Press (CUP) at NAIT/NAITSA, where it won Student Publication of the Year alongside the Western Gazette, who tied the Griff in votes. CUP executives decided to award both publications the honour.

All student publications across Canada were eligible to win Student Publication of the Year.

The Griff was also nominated for three awards in different categories: Best Humour/Satire, Best Photo, and Best Online Presence. The Griff did not win these categories.

Hello friends,

We want to say thanks to all our readers, supporters, and contributors.

Additionally, we’d like to highlight the support of all SAMU staff who continue to create a supportive environment for us to be able provide our services and do our work.

Personally, I want to give a special thanks to my fantastic team of editors for their passion, good humour, and commitment to the students of MacEwan.

We’d also like to thank all the students, faculty, and staff of MacEwan University — our community is the only reason we exist at all. The honour belongs to our campus and our city much more than it does to us.

We at the Griff hope to continue serving students through honest reporting, quality media, and good vibes into infinity.


Thai Sirikoone, editor-in-chief

Thai Sirikoone

The Griff


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