The hottest night of the year at Telus World of Science

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TELUS World of Science recently hosted its annual Science of Sex Dark Matters event, which is “the hottest night of the year,” according to their website.

Dark Matters is a regularly occurring adult-only night at TELUS World of Science.

A receptionist at Telus World of Science said Dark Matters events usually happen once every quarter.

According to staff scientist Marie McConnell Science of Sex is one of the most popular themes of the year.

She continues, “I suspect that the large majority of the reason that it’s going to be very, very popular is that it’s about sex, and everybody wants to talk about it.”

McConnell initially expected up to 800 people to attend the event, but in the days leading up to the event, that number increased to 1,500.

Science of Sex allows attendees to learn about sex and sexuality in a fun, safe, and inclusive environment.

Sherry, who attended the event for the first time, compares Science of Sex to the Taboo Naughty But Nice trade show and says, “it’s kind of neat to see more of the science behind it than just the toys.”

She recommends that anyone who attends this event keep an open mind: “come and see and explore. Be open!”

Highlights from Science of Sex include aphrodisiac ice cream, burlesque dancing in the Ziedler Dome, a handcuff escape with Escape City, 38 questions to fall in love, and a variety of guest speakers at the IMAX theatre. 

Long-time event sponsor, Traveling Tickle Trunk was also present, teaching people about the safe use of adult toys.

Terrie Moulton shared their knowledge about body-safe materials and showed how poorly made toys can degrade and potentially cause bodily harm, such as cuts or infections.

Moulton has attended Science of Sex with Traveling Tickle Trunk many times and says, “I love educating people about sex toys. I love educating people about pleasure and how to have that pleasure safely.”

Based on Moulton’s demonstrations, there is a lot more to selecting an adult toy than appearance.

Traveling Tickle Trunk arrived with a variety of toys to teach attendees about the different styles and uses of the adult toys they sell in their shop.

Attendees could look at and hold various toys and ask the experts any questions they had about toys and pleasure. 

Although the theme of the event was Science of Sex, not everything was about sex.

Attendees had access to the entire TELUS World of Science, including the feature exhibit, Out of Depths: Blue Whale Story.

Dark Matters are nights for adults to come and explore the science centre without children.

McConnell says, “you get to do the playing, which is one of our favourite parts of Dark Matters. As adults, you don’t have to wait your turn. It is your turn.”

Dark Matters night at TELUS World of Science is a great opportunity to get out of the house for a date night or a night out with friends.

Additionally, Dark Matters nights always have a DJ and bar, creating a truly adult experience.Information about future Dark Matters events will be available on the TELUS World of Science website after the next dates are announced.

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