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This year’s five most anticipated Halloween costumes!

by | Oct 19, 2023 | Culture | 0 comments

Around this time of the year, people gather at their local Spirit Halloween to find the ultimate costume. Maybe they browse Pinterest to get inspiration. Either way, people are searching for something unique, easy, or trendy. Here’s  a list of this year’s most anticipated Halloween costumes.

  1. Barbie & Ken 

Anyone could have predicted this. The everlasting pink duo, Barbie and Ken. With the new Barbie movie now out, we’ve been introduced to amazing outfits from both the Barbies and Kens. Even with all these different fits, the cowgirl and cowboy costumes are sure to be the most popular out of the bunch. Other than the outfits, the characters are very well written. Margot Robbie has made Barbie that much more likeable.  Plus, who wouldn’t want to be Barbie, even if it’s just for one night? Don’t forget about Ken (like I used to when I was a child.) Ryan Gosling gave a great performance as the lovable man-child Ken that’s sure to bring the party as a costume. Whether you dress as Barbie or Ken, you gotta feel the Kenergy and dance the night away.

  1. Taylor Swift

T-Swizzle is this year’s biggest popstar. As her Eras tour hits stadiums all over the world, Swift fans have made it their duty to dress up head-to-toe in ANYTHING Taylor related. Taylor has had plenty of drastic (but, gorgeous) changes in between each of her album releases. So many changes and themes can give fans a wide selection of costumes. Think about it: if you don’t particularly like the debut album, you can dress according to the 1989 album, which is finally becoming part of the Taylor’s Version series. People may think that Taylor is overrated, basic, and too much of a girl’s girl. Even with these opinions flying around, fans have proven their loyalty. This Halloween, show up absolutely bejewelled because a diamond has got to shine! 

  1. Bojack Horseman 

Even though he’s such a problematic character, Bojack has become a huge meme all over TikTok. This costume is not only funny, but it’s iconic. Sure, Bojack is a depressed addict from Hollywoo, but impersonating him could have the whole place “horsing around”. If you want an easy costume, then this is definitely one to go for. Walk — don’t run — to any generic Halloween store and get a horse mask and the rest of the outfit could probably be found in your closet. 

  1. Wednesday Adams

Everyone has seen this kooky costume throughout the years, but it has gotten a makeover because of the popular Netflix show Wednesday. Even though people are heavily over the Wednesday series (especially the “Goo Goo Muck” scene), it won’t stop those who genuinely don’t care what people think. Wednesday wouldn’t care about what others think, so why should you? Go out and be your gothic self.

  1. Pirates

The new live-action One Piece series is out,  which adds more options and intrigue to the classic pirate costume. One Piece isn’t the only reason for this prediction; Johnny Depp’s court case with Amber Heard has given people the idea to go back and rewatch the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Even before these franchises, dressing as a pirate has always been a go-to costume, sort of like witches and grim reapers. Of course, some trends never die, so raid those Hallows Eve parties and sing those sea shanties.

Photo by Paige Cody/Unsplash

Caleigh Anderson

The Griff


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