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2023-2024 SAMU Election results

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After 1333 students out of a possible 15,548 eligible voters (8.6 per cent) cast their digital ballots, the results are in. Every candidate who ran this year will have a seat on the Students’ Council. The percentage of voters has increased by 32.3 per cent compared to the 2022-2023 election. Despite the results, the council still remains one person short since only 13 out of a possible 14 candidates actually ran. In the coming weeks after the election, SAMU will be looking for a final councillor to fill the remaining seat. 

The 2023-2024 SAMU students’ councillors are:

  • Layal Zidan
  • Mayank Kaushik
  • Inder Singh
  • Alem Tesfay
  • Nhi Phan
  • Delaney Huhtala
  • Maade Okai
  • Ian Kamenwa
  • Joehn Torres
  • Abby Beka
  • Sonia Yusuf
  • Nathan Poon
  • Chioma Uzor

Even though every candidate was successful, not all campaigns were created equal. The official results from SAMU show that Inder Singh rocked the election with a smooth and agile campaign that pulled in more YES votes than any other candidate. Following up with Singh is Layal Zidan, a returning councilor whose personable and pervasive campaigning helped her achieve the best YES to NO ratio out of the whole bunch. Coming at the bottom is Ian Kamenwa who received the least number of YES votes and the largest number of NO votes.

Students looking to get involved in governance can expect to find all of their councillors at this month’s regular meeting on November 22 at 6 p.m. in the student’s council chamber, in SAMU. 

Graphic by Thai Sirikoone.

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