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Poster roaster: SAMU Executive Committee election

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You’ve seen their giant, one-dimensional, smiling faces in the halls. You might have thought, “Holy smokes, WTF is that?” Well, we thought the same thing. Read our roasts before you place your votes on March 9 and 10.


Amy Beard

  • Too bad you couldn’t post these in the pedway you took them in — could have been a bit of Inception.
  • It seems like you and Casebeer collaborated on posters.
  • It feels like you’re yelling at me to re-elect you.


Carley Casebeer

  • Are those steps behind you? Does that mean you’ve already hit your peak and now you’re trending downward?
  • Good thing you have your Snapchat on your poster, because I really like to spend my free time following potential EC candidates on there.
  • That stare is going to give me nightmares.


Anu Chadha

Regular poster

  • Bad are posters these. See how those words are out of order, Anu? Same goes for the levels of government on your poster.

Hotline Bling poster

  • I wish she had clarified what exactly it means when that hotline bling.
  • Posing like Drake, but taking Ls like Meek.


Jason Garcia

  • Oh, I get it. He dyed his hair to be the school colours — kind of.
  • Got that Wiz Khalifa, Barney-type tint on the hair.
  • And the award for “best use of buzzwords” goes to…


Kimberly Gargus

  • Strengthen, advocate, encourage — and creepily watch over students when they aren’t aware of it. All requirements of a good student leader.
  • This photo is clearly Photoshopped. No one in the library is crying into their papers.
  • Are those emojis around the voting dates?


Katelyn Garlough

  • Have yoga pants officially made their way into the professional workplace?
  • The smile is realistic, like: “Yeah, I’m happy to be potentially representing you, but it’s school, so I’m not going to pretend like I’m really happy.”
  • Man, do those red shoes ever clash. They look uncomfortable, too.


Steve Gatenby

  • What do you think he’s looking at? His chances?
  • “Vote for me for VPSL. I promise to wear matching baseball tees and hats for an entire year.”
  • You know, #BelieveInSteve is also a hashtag used for a superintendent at a school that gives frequent snow days. Are you going to declare snow days if you’re elected?


Nathan Lamarche

  • You know what the heart of MacEwan really is, Nathan? Actually putting in some effort. Yeah, we see those 8” x 11” black and white sticky notes you call “posters.”
  • Nice job putting the full URLs on the posters, man. I’m definitely going to take the time to type out the http://
  • The Twitter account is deactivated. I typed that whole URL for nothing?!


Robbie Lepp

  • Robbie Lepp is bringing the cheese… and the high cholesterol… and the excessive ellipses… and the filler words to make up for his lack of experience…
  • There are just so many things and fonts going on in this poster.
  • What does “bringing the cheese” even mean? If it’s literal, he has my vote.


Danika McConnell

  • Even Trudeau has a slogan, Danika. 2/10 for effort.
  • That’s the smile of someone who is pretty confident she’s going to win. I don’t like it.
  • Is that Comic Sans?


Luis Ruiz

  • That poster background is eerily similar to what we all used as a backdrop for photos in Grade 7.
  • The polo shirt says, “Yeah, I dress pretty well, but I just chose not to at this moment in time.”
  • I wish he would let us in on whatever he thinks is so funny.


Ethan Spenrath

  • Is this dude seriously holding a tiny cup to make himself look bigger? As if the extra-small shirt from Gap Kids wasn’t already doing that.
  • Unfortunately, you’re not everyone’s cup of tea.
  • His slogan should have been “Does your student president even lift? Vote for tight t-shirts on March 9 and 10.”


Kristen Stoik

  • “Vote for and finance” and “Kristen Stoik VP Operations” are two statements that do not make sense.
  • Why are all the blue rectangles different lengths?
  • “Connect with me” sounds like an ad for Nightline.


Isaac Wiznura

  • Are his glasses crooked, or is that just his head? Given the wall’s off-kilter appearance, this seems like a botched Photoshop job.
  • He kind of looks like your friend who forgot it was picture day in Grade 9.
  • The “thumbs in the pocket” look is second to none.


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