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Crumbl Cookies Finally Opens in Edmonton

by | May 3, 2023 | Food | 0 comments

“That’s a very long line…..” said my dad when we reached the newly opened American cookie company — the Crumbl Cookies. 

Crumbl Cookies opened last March. The lines this time were shorter compared to when it first opened. 

We left that afternoon, hoping the line would be shorter at night. When we returned, the line was still there. We then decided to line up. It was shocking how many people were still willing to wait in the middle of the cold night. The waiting time was approximately 30 to 40 minutes. 

It was getting chilly while we were lining up. But we could smell the freshly baked cookies from the outside. It smelled like butter and vanilla extract. The smell can distract anyone from waiting. Before we entered, the lady who opened the door (who also watches over the line) told us that the flavours of the cookies change every week. 

Once we got inside, we noticed how sanitized and organized the place was. The menu on the massive television welcomed us. 

The prices of the cookies vary. 

Single — $5.49

4-pack box — $18.99 

6-pack box — $26.99

Party Box (12 pieces) — $49.00

Here are the flavours of different cookies that were available that week ranked from tastiest to least tasty. 

  1. Milk Chocolate Chip — The original cookie flavour. The chocolate chips were huge, and they filled up the cookie dough. The salt complemented perfectly with its taste. 

  1. Peanut Butter Crisp — Similar to milk chocolate chip, this flavour isn’t too sweet. The peanut taste is mixed perfectly with the chocolate syrup on top. The Butterfinger topping is also a chef’s kiss. 

  1. Buttermilk Pancake – I love the vanilla taste of this cookie flavour. It’s very buttery. The topping was too sweet and didn’t work well.

  1. Pink Doughnut – This cookie is similar to the buttermilk pancake flavour. The icing isn’t surprisingly sweet — it’s just enough. The colourful toppings are very pretty!

  1. New York Cheesecake — The icing is too sweet, but the crumble topping is so tasty. I put this flavoured cookie in the refrigerator, and it actually tastes better. 

  1. Classic Pink Sugar — The dough has a good vanilla flavour, but the icing isn’t the best. It tastes like cherry-flavoured candy but in icing form,which I was not a huge fan of.

Overall, Crumbl makes tasty cookies. They’re warm, chewy, and soft. The textures are just right. In my honest opinion, the prices and lines were don’t justify the treat.

After we left with our 12 cookies, my dad said it best: “these cookies are huge, similar to its line.” 

Julia Magsombol

The Griff

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