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Day Trip: Fall and Halloween activities

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It’s arguably the best month of the year. The month where we get to wear cozy sweaters and shamelessly drink our pumpkin spice lattes. The trees have a gorgeous orange hue and winter has not quite arrived yet. Oh, and it’s also the month of Halloween, the perfect time to celebrate all things spooky and have fun with friends. To celebrate October, we’ve compiled a list of the best events happening around the city this month.


‘Tis the season to willingly do activities that scare the pants off of you. It simply would not be Halloween if you didn’t go to a haunted house and nearly pee yourself screaming, right?

Edmonton’s best-known haunted house “Deadmonton” is coming back this fall. There are two parts included in this adventure: an indoor haunted house named WARPED and an outdoor haunted house named Dusk.

According to Deadmonton’s website, the indoor haunted house will “WARP the fabric of time, space and even reality.” A twisted trip down the rabbit hole and into the minds of madness awaits. The outdoor haunted house will feature “tombs, crypts and mausoleums.” You can probably already anticipate the nasty chills and screams that are essential for the Halloween season.

WHEN: Sept. 24 – Nov. 7
WHERE: 7031 Gateway Blvd.
COST: $29.99- $49.99
(You can select a pass to the indoor show

only, both shows, or a pass to skip the line)

Find out more information

Head down to Fort Edmonton Park this October for DARK, an immersive scare experience that will bring on the goosebumps.

This year, there are three haunts for you to explore: Under the Big Top, Core Industries, and Blood Harvest.

Blood Harvest is an entirely new haunt, a storyline where your car breaks down in the countryside and you’re forced to go to the nearest farmhouse for help (you know where this is going…). The other two haunts expand upon the storylines from previous years.

Under the Big Top is a clown-centred storyline, and “that’s enough to scare some people right there!” says Rosa LeClare, the director of marketing and communications for the park, with a laugh. Core Industries focuses on a fungal parasite.

There will also be food, beverages, and entertainment.

Additionally, you’ll be able to get a sneak peek at the newly renovated park that reopened on July 1 after two seasons of renovations. The front entrance has been revamped, the midway has been expanded to include new rides and games, and the park has created the Indigenous Peoples Experience in consultation with the Métis Nation of Alberta and the Confederation of Treaty 6 First Nations, “which is really the crown jewel of the park,” says LeClare. “We’re so proud of it and so honoured to be able to host the facility where we can share the stories of our First Nation and Métis communities.”

WHEN: Oct. 7-31
WHERE: Fort Edmonton Park
COST: $45

Find out more information at

If you’re looking for something fun and daytime-friendly to do, the Edmonton Corn Maze is a great option. But you’ll only have until the weekend after Thanksgiving (Oct. 16 is the official last day) to experience it before it closes down for the season.

This year, the corn maze’s design is dedicated to 40 years of the Edmonton Food Bank. In the spirit of helping others, the Edmonton Corn Maze will be collecting monetary donations to help those in need.

The maze, if followed correctly, will take about 30 minutes to make it through. However, according to their website, it may take you an hour if directions aren’t your strong suit.

Getting lost in the maze isn’t the only thing that you can do. The Edmonton Corn Maze boasts a host of different farm activities and even sells pumpkins so you can get ready for your yearly jack-o-lantern carving just before Halloween.

In October, the hours of operation are Tuesday to Saturday 10 a.m. – 8 p.m., and Sunday 1 p.m. – 5 p.m., except Thanksgiving Monday, which is open from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

WHERE: 26171 Secondary Hwy 627,
Spruce Grove, AB
COST: Online purchase – $13.50 or
On-site purchase $15

Find out more information at:

Photos: Brett Boyd + supplied.

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